Dubrovnik - Legendary city🏰: Road, First impression, Purple Provence Guesthouse🌷🍇

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And after we finally said our final goodbyes to Athens, we decided to fly to Croatia.


On the day of departure, we very happily got up at 6 in the morning and took the subway directly to the Airport. We were all sleepy and I was also angry because I hate getting up early.


It's so interesting, but it was a bit difficult to get on the right train. 2 different trains were traveling in the same direction. And only one was assigned to drive to the Airport.

 "IMG_20230218_202953.jpg"  "IMG_20230201_205919.jpg"

By the way, there was another guy on our train who looked a bit like Harry Potter, as it turned out, with the same direction as ours.

 "IMG_20230201_205826.jpg"  "IMG_20230201_205442.jpg"

He was actually Croatian. For some reason, there was no seat selection on my flight, and we ended up in the last seats.

 "IMG_20221230_033300.jpg"  "IMG_20230201_205641.jpg"  "IMG_20220710_193737.jpg"

And so the journey to Croatia began. We flew to one of the most popular cities in this country - Dubrovnik.

 "IMG_20230201_205602.jpg"  "IMG_20230217_224840.jpg"

Beauty along the Adriatic coast accompanied us all the way as the taxi took us to our destination, but I not took photos.🤷🏻 As it turned out, I settled in the center of activity in Dubrovnik. Accommodation here, I would say very expensive, and I found a guest house. Not cheap either, but the cheapest of all the apartments that were on Airbnb.


Considering that I am still a budget tourist, it was very surprising that I chose the time to travel to this expensive city, in the middle of July, in the height of the season. I already wrote earlier that everything seems to be out of time for me this year.


And to be more precise, I didn't choose this time, the circumstances just happened that way, and I had to go. And so, back to the accommodation, the cheapest accommodation in the center of Dubrovnik was the Lavender Guest House. Everything seemed to predict no trouble. And I headed to the indicated address with a heavy backpack.

 "IMG_20230201_185153.jpg"  "IMG_20230217_212713.jpg"

I found the door at number seven, and began to write to the master, but he kept me waiting for an hour. During that hour, I was sitting in a fast food cafe and I was very hot, and the air conditioner hardly helped, I was angry.


An hour later, the host called back and gave us the safe code. And finally we got inside our home. It was some kind of incomprehensible building, upon entering, there was a climb up the creaking wooden stairs, our floor was the third.


We went to the third floor and there were five doors. Two of which were bathroom doors that didn't close. And the other three doors are rooms for different people. And if you know, the guest house includes a shared kitchen.

 "Picsart_23-02-18_21-25-38-545.jpg"  "IMG_20230201_202835.jpg"  "IMG_20230201_185034.jpg"  "IMG_20230201_201802.jpg"  "IMG_20230201_210017.jpg"

In fact, we were sold a room for three people for $100 per night. I haven't seen the hosts since I arrived. Our room was made in the style of Provence in lavender color, it was quite cramped but cozy, I took several photos of the design of the rooms. Especially, I liked the view from the window to Lovrienets, it is not very visible, but believe me, it is there.


So, after we rested after the trip, we went for a walk around town. I was depressed for that period of time, and nothing made me happy at all, but since the round-the-world trip fell on that time, I had to go out anyway and try to enjoy the legendary grandeur.


The old city of Dubrovnik, according to my definition, has a kind of central point from which there are branches to various attractions. The first thing people pay attention to is a kind of balcony-terrace to which you can walk very close.

 "IMG_20230215_210134.jpg"  "IMG_20230215_211624.jpg"

It overlooks the main heart of old Dubrovnik, Lovrienec, on the map it is located on the central hill in the middle between the two bays. You can also enjoy a wonderful view of the sea from this balcony and, of course, you can sit in a cafe. After that, we couldn't wait to find out what was hiding behind the thick walls of the Old City, the entrance to which was only through a relatively narrow gate across the bridge.

 "Picsart_20220711_230441_785.jpg"  "Picsart_23-02-18_21-49-09-897.jpg"  "IMG_20230215_204822.jpg"

In ancient times, it was probably a reliable defense and enemies could not enter so easily, but now, it is a bit cramped for such a large number of tourists. The gate looks very solid and the sunlight has a positive effect on it.

 "IMG_20220711_195120.jpg"  "IMG_20230215_205627.jpg"

And so we crossed this passage and this is what appeared before us: the legendary, main street of the old town with a church.

 "IMG_20230217_211846.jpg"  "IMG_20230216_000652.jpg"

The best angle I got was from the height of the city wall. Everything can be seen better from a height. The street was incredible, the musicians created different, modern tracks on their violins, which enhanced the atmosphere of antiquity and the Middle Ages.

And so we walked along this long, sunlit street, trying not to bump into people heading our way. And in the end, as expected, there was the same narrow exit from the middle of the old city.

 "IMG_20220711_212300.jpg"  "IMG_20230216_000433.jpg"  "IMG_20230215_235130.jpg"

We left and got to the marina area. Bright evening marina calmly and quietly received guests.


I sat perfectly on the column and watched a wonderful view of the landscape and one of the buildings of the great wall, over which the full moon was showing off.



Croatia is No Doubt a wonder and very beautiful country, and famous for its natural and cultural attractions attract visitors from all over the world. It is known for its stunning coastline along the Adriatic Sea, with crystal-clear waters and numerous islands to explore. I have seen many people on hive visiting this place. I will visit it one day for sure. Thanks for showing it to us.

I agreed with all of your words dear @itwithsm!
I definitely recommend you to visit this place! But it's need to prepare pretty thick wallet to enjoy everything to the fullest💕😇

You, your pictures, your hotel and the places you have visited are all amazing and very beautiful. I have seen all your pictures that you have uploaded and I can already imagine how amazing your trip will be.

Yea, The trip was quite exciting and also very tiring. especially the biggest problem was that there was insufficient budget :)
And thanks for all complements💕

That looks amazing! Such a nice summer vibes! ☀️
I hope summer will show up soon again!

Thank you @xsasj😊

I hope summer will show up soon again!

you can't even imagine how much I'm looking forward to it 😄😄

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