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RE: Shipwrecks in Sile river

in Pinmapplelast year

Way to set the bar documenting these things. And then close out with the dogs?! No fair.

The third one down with the swan, I think it's a swan, would make a good painting on a shiny bowling ball.


Yes, it's a swan 🦢 there were so many of them...for many shiny bowling balls :)

The dogs were the main actors that day, they had to take the last part of the post too 😇.
But I am wondering how some landscapes from Italy attracted your attention 😁

Touché. It was Mipiano that got me.

Still looks like a gorgeous bowling ball mural.


Another shot, probably the same swan, but who knows now. Photo taken by my son, same place, same day. The camera and the photo was not with me so it is a bit delayed response 😅

You were talking about bowling ball mural ;D