APEC Park ( Da Nang ) - Admire the Kite Soaring High in the Dynamic and Brilliant City

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Hello everyone! How are you today? I hope you have a wonderful weekend. The epidemic situation in winter is becoming very complicated, I hope everyone takes care of their health during this time. On weekends, I love to go out and take pictures in a certain location. For me photography is like a breath of life, it helps me capture beautiful memories, through my eyes. This Sunday I just had a walk outside. I went to a newly built site, inaugurated in the last few days of Da Nang city. This place is named APEC statue garden park. This place is located in the heart of the city center, next to the Han River of Da Nang city





Previously, the APEC statue garden park was built in 2017, the highlight here is that there are 21 statues of economies participating in APEC. Each statue represents each country. By 2021, the APEC statue garden park will be built to expand an area as a highlight for the park here. This is an expanded construction of the APEC statue garden park, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Da Nang city directly under the central government. The expanded APEC Statue Garden Park is working with extremely unique and impressive architecture. From the idea of "Da Nang - The kite flies high", this place is designed with white domes, like birds flying in the sky. This construction project is built with 200 tons of steel. If the APEC statue garden park was built with 21 statues of 21 economies in the world, then the expanded APEC statue garden park was built with a meaning like a kite flying high, bringing Da Nang as a leading bird to bring the central region of Vietnam to develop and integrate with the world. The kite is also a symbol of freedom, reminiscent of childhood memories. Containing dreams, ambitions, and flying high like kites.









In today's post, I will introduce to you the APEC statue garden park. The current APEC Park has been built in two different areas, on a triangular plot of land. One area is a statue garden with 21 statues of 21 countries, the second area is a high-flying kite, inaugurated in the early days of 2022 in Da Nang city. The location of APEC park is located to the west of Da Nang Dragon Bridge, this is considered the center of the city. The location of the park carries important meaning for tourism in Da Nang city, as it is located next to the poetic Han River and is close to the Cham-Pa sculpture museum. Due to the newly inaugurated area of the park, so many city people come to visit and take pictures here. The area below the lobby is planted with a lot of trees, according to the plan of this project, there are 2 floors. The first floor is an area to arrange a rest space, a souvenir sales service area, a tourist information area to serve visitors.














The 2nd floor is the community living space, the way to the area is built with many stairs to go up to the community space. On the second floor is planted a lot of natural smooth green grass. Standing from two looking down below, there are many lakes with artificial fountains, serving nightly water music performances at this place. The main area of the 2nd floor will be the kite-shaped dome, this is the most beautiful area in this place. The iron bars are designed to bend scientifically, the kite project is built with nearly 200 tons of steel. The iron frame of the kite is painted white, with small holes on the top of the building, when the sun shines down, the light rays are reflected on the ground, which is very impressive. I shot around these domes, with different angles. The main highlight is the curved arches of iron bars, creating a feeling of being covered by a large net. At night, this place will be more beautiful than during the day, from 19:00 to 21:00 every night, this place will be illuminated, the colors of the lights will make this place more brilliant than ever.













































There are green spaces of this place, planted with many kinds of green trees, helping to make the air here fresher.








After visiting the second-floor area, I walked to the APEC statue garden. This is the site of the first construction of this park. In 2017 when the APEC meeting was held in Vietnam, with the presence of 21 world economies. Da Nang is honored to be the host for this APEC summit. APEC Park is a gift from Vietnam to the delegates, economies, and people of Da Nang. APEC Park was originally built on a plot of 3000m2 at the corner of September 2nd with Bach Dang street (Binh Hien Ward, Hai Chau district). Currently, if calculating the expanded area, APEC park has more than 7000m2 on a triangular piece of land, west of the dragon bridge. At this park, there are 21 works of art, sent from many countries around the world. Each work has a different sculptural style. But most of the themes of the works, there is a goal towards the solidarity and cooperation of each country.









The host country Vietnam brings a work called "Initiation", a statue inspired by ancient trees, symbolizing the strength of the unity of the roots.


America brings a piece called “The Cloud Boat”, which combines the symbols of the boat and the sky. The boat symbolizes trade, and the blue color represents the sky, expressing the will for freedom.



The Russian Economy offers a statue of Yuri Gagarin, who was the first man to fly into space in 1961, ushering in a new era for mankind in space exploration.



The Philippine economy offers work with 4 family members, painted in bronze, carrying a message of solidarity for the community.



Australia brings a work called "Meeting place", where there are many works by many members of the APEC economy. The selected works are of artistic nature as well as the message sent to the APEC conference. APEC Park has added to the cultural space of Da Nang city. Later, this place will be the first pedestrian street of Da Nang. Special street festivals will be held on Bach Dang street, by the romantic Han River. This area is also located very close to the Cham-Pa museum. If the Cham-Pa sculpture museum was built in 1919, it is a place to keep and preserve the sculptures of the Cham-Pa people. Then the APEC statue garden park will be the place to store modern works of the 21st century. This place will be a place to record historical imprints later.



















I went to the Han River to see the river, at the river where a semi-circular bridge has just been built. This is also one of the ideal places for you to see the Han River in Da Nang. If you stand here, you will easily observe the dragon bridge and Son Tra mountain from afar. If you look to the left, you can observe Tran Thi Ly bridge, this bridge was built with the symbol of a sail stretching the wind out to sea. It will be very interesting if you can go to all the bridges of Da Nang city at night. The lights of the bridges are always an impressive highlight for this river.


























I love walking on weekends, I hope you enjoy this place.
Thank you for viewing my post. See you in my next posts. Have a nice weekend everyone.


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Wow I have seen some recent posts about this awesome place. Will come to check it soon.

You should go during the week, as weekends and early weeks are the busiest times. When the epidemic worsens, it will be extremely dangerous. I'm looking forward to seeing your beautiful photos.

Can totally agree on that! It looks really like it is worth a visit!


Thank you. It’s very nice of you to say that
I am overjoyed to be able to share these stunning images of my homeland. Have a nice day, my best friend.

Nhanh ghê, đnag tính qua đây chụp nè :)

Vậy là chậm rồi đó chị, mà giờ đến đây cẩn thận chị. Ổ dịch là ở đây đây, em tới đây cũng sợ tết bị cách ly cái phiền à

Such a beautiful place😍 Amazed by its architecture 😍😍😍

Thank You veru much! Oh, there is also a statue from the Philippines, I really like the work your country brought to the APEC 2017

Awee thank you so much 🤗 Love your photos! 😍 You are indeed very talented 🤗🤗

You'rre welcome :)

this building is beautiful!

Thank you very much! have a nice day

Wow! That looks like a cool parks with some impressive art work. The weather looks nice as well, I remember it was cloudy and rainy almost every day when I was in DN this time last year 🥲

Thanks! This year's winter has been mild, which explains why Da Nang has had such beautiful weather. Do you intend to visit Da Nang in the near future?

That's nice! I'd love to go back this year 😎

Having read similar posts in the past, I've come to the conclusion that Da Nang city has quite a number of beautiful places to visit. Thanks for sharing!

Really? Your compliments have inspired me to write my next article. Thank you very much, and best wishes from Vietnam.

Best wishes from here as well...
Looking forward to your next post!

Wow! Beautiful city with great architectural structures and detailing.

Thank you for the high rating, it's great to be able to recommend places in the city where I live.

Amazing! 1.jpg

Thank You so much!

Hy, the town is surprisingly beautiful, but so is the architecture of the buildings.

Thank you very much! I’m so glad you like it
Have a nice day

Your post is so informative and the photos are just outstanding! Da Nang is always beautiful!

Thank you for your compliment; I'm curious if you've visited Da Nang yet.


Thank You ♥

APAC vào buổi tối đèn lên còn đẹp nữa. Mà đông quá nên mình chỉ dám đứng từ xa ngắm😆

Ca nhiễm mỗi ngày tăng cao, nay một ngày lên 1000 ca. Mình cũng không dám ở đây lâu, nhiễm bệnh giai đoạn này thật là phiền phức 😀 cảm ơn bạn đã xem bài viết của tôi.

Wao que jardin arquitectónico tan moderno y hermoso y el sol de ese día se prestaba para tomar buenas fotografías.

Hi, I'm not sure I understand what you're saying. However, I believe you have added value to my article. Thank you so much!

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Thank so much! @choogirl

love the views

Thank you very much!

Wao is a very beautiful park, the structures are impressive, I love its colorfulness.

When I first arrived at this park, I was taken aback by the architecture of the domes. I'm delighted to share this with you; thank you for taking the time to read my post and have a pleasant day.

Thank you for sharing beautiful photos of this amazing park. The dome structure is just gorgeous!

Thank a lot! The building's architecture is like a work of art, and I was also very impressed when I stepped inside.

ilove the view😍 so amazing!

Thank you so much! I wish you a wonderful start to the week.

very luxurious building. it looks so beautiful. the city is the city as the capital city of the state or the city of the state.

Thank you very much. Your compliments inspire me to write more. Have a nice day.

Yes, I will wait for your next beautiful post.

I really enjoyed your reportage! Hope I can visit Da Nang someday. Cheers from Indonesia.

Hello there, friends. It's fantastic that we share the Southeast Asia region. I also really like your country
The beaches and temples in Indonesia, always my dream place.

nice place, will get to be there soon

That is really a nice compliment, thank you!

Thank you for very beautiful pictures.
Me live in Serbia and very much love your photografy.
Buy frenk.

Thank you very much!I adore photography, it is what brings me joy every day. Do you enjoy taking photographs as well?

Jes,thank you my frend.

Please camn me folowed.
Sometimes voted from my post.
Thank and byu from Serbia.

wow your post is really amazing

Thank you very much! I'm overjoyed to receive so many compliments from you; it makes me feel like I need to put more effort into my future posts.

very beautiful your pictures. you have managed to portray architecture, its angles very well, from an excellent perspective. I love your work. Have a great week. Protect yourself from covid. Hugs from your friend Mc Boelter.

Thank you very much, and best wishes for good health during the Covid epidemic.

Đẹp quá em ơi ^^ Chắc ra tết phải xún coi tận mắt mới được

Ủa chị ở đâu mà phải ra tết mới đến tham quan? Công viên này mới xây dựng gần đuôi cầu rồng ĐÀ Nẵng á chị

 last year  Reveal Comment

Thank so much! @kohsamui99 I've shot from a variety of perspectives, and I'm also impressed with the setting. What is your favorite photo angle of the architecture in this location?

 last year  Reveal Comment

Thank you for helping me choose a good photo in the article. Have a good day :)

 last year  Reveal Comment