Ikiz Kayalar - twin rocks in Kuzdere

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Finally, I have now written almost all the content from our trip, and now I can tell you about what is happening to me now. Right now, we begin the story that will be discussed in this post. So, even before our trip to Europe, we were in Turkey, and we went to Tahtali, a mountain near the city of Kamer. And on the way there I noticed two very interesting rocks. They stood right in the middle of the city, and they really attracted me. I really wanted to go there. And so, after three months of being outside Turkey, we came back to this country. And somehow it happened that we rented a car, in this area, with rocks. And it was when we were driving there that we saw the rocks and on such an occasion (that we have a car) we decided to go here, to this fabulous place. It had been raining since the very beginning of the day, or rather, not rain, but a downpour. It was a stream of water, as if from a bucket. But what to do - let's go, let's go. But quickly running to the car, we forgot about the bad weather outside of it. We drove calmly, and without remembering what would be waiting for us in the rocks themselves.











When we finally arrived, we were enchanted by the beauty of these mountains. This mountains are a true wonder of nature. And the name of this mountains, is Ikiz Kayalar. They also called the twin rocks mountains. The forest itself was a natural oasis, with the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind and the distant calls of birds providing a sense of tranquility and peace. As we arrived, we were greeted by the stunning sight of Ikiz Kayalar. These two mountains, standing tall and proud against the clear blue sky, were simply breathtaking. Their rugged, rocky terrain stood in stark contrast to the verdant forest below, and we couldn't help but marvel at their beauty. The texture of these mountains is incredibly smooth, as though they have been sculpted by the elements over thousands of years.








When we were walking near the mountains, we were enchanted by the beauty of flowers that looked like daisies. They added a fairy-tale atmosphere to this forest. Legend has it that Ikiz Kayalar is home to a magical spring that has the power to heal the sick and grant wishes to those who drink from its waters. The spring is said to be guarded by a powerful spirit, who only reveals itself to those who approach with pure intentions. While we did not have the opportunity to explore the spring ourselves, we couldn't help but feel a sense of wonder at the thought of such a magical place existing in the heart of these mountains. Also legend say, that these mountains were once human beings who were turned into stone as a punishment for their arrogance. Even through these wonderful views, we could not forget about the rain that kept trying to wet us. We took pictures of everything while our phones were covered in water. Even the button stopped being pressed. All our clothes were soaked. So the rain defeated us. But we managed to photograph enough content. And finally we get into the car, all wet.











But immediately after driving a few meters, we see a waterfall in the valley. And you understand that we could not leave such content 😃. All wet, we get out of the car and head towards the waterfall. The rain almost stopped, and we could finally cover our phones from the rain. Finally we got to this miracle! As we continued our journey, we stumbled upon a beautiful waterfall. The sight of the waterfall was breathtaking, and the water cascaded down in a mesmerizing pattern. The area around the waterfall was lush and green, with ferns and moss growing on the rocks. The atmosphere was truly magical, and it felt like we were transported into a fairytale world. The sound of the water falling was so calming and serene that we felt completely relaxed and at peace. Immediately after we investigated the waterfall and photographed it from all sides, it started to rain again, and after that we were pleased to go home with the duty fulfilled.






But it is not a fact that we will not return here one more time! Overall, our trip to Ikiz Kayalar and the beautiful waterfall was an unforgettable experience. The stunning beauty of the mountains and the waterfall added to the enchanting atmosphere of the place, making it feel like a true wonderland.






Bye bye everyone! 🏞️☔


Wow bery beautiful

Yes, it's really incredible!

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Some people prefer to stay home on a rainy day, but not you, you went out there got yourself wet and experienced a magical landscape. My admiration for your bravery, hope to be seeing more of your explorations 🤠

Yes, sometimes we succumb to beautiful landscapes, and rush there regardless of any circumstances. Thank you. I'm also interested in your opinion, which one do you prefer? Stay at home or go explore? I will definitely do more research and post them here! Thank you for reading my post ❤️❤️😊.

I'm the exploring type as well! I don't mind the rain it can actually enhance the adventure a lot! All weathers are nice for going out :) look forward to more of your posts

Чомусь мені ці гори нагадали Ангарський перевал в Криму...))) Але я там була восени і природа трохи інша!))) Які ж ви молодці, дівчатка!!! Обожнюю подорожувати разом з вами!)))

Це чудово що ви згадали про якесь місце читаючи мій пост. Я була теж в Криму, але на той час я була занадто мала щоб щось пам'ятати. Я впевнена що те місце про яке ви говорите, теж схоже на ці гори. Я вам дякую за те що ви слідкуєте за моїм блогом, я буду розказувати про свої подорожі і надалі.