Visiting the Chairlift Complex and Viewpoint of Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba, Argentina 🇦🇷 (36 Pics)

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One of the most touristic places in Villa Carlos Paz is undoubtedly the chairlift complex that offers a ride of approximately 600 meters or a little more and that was inaugurated in 1955. This was one of the last places we visited during our stay in the province of Cordoba, which by the way was suddenly, since we did not know about this beautiful attraction.

It had several remodeling and improvements during the 80's and finally in 2005.


We arrived at the place and it was full of people waiting to buy tickets for the different attractions.


We realized that it was not only the chairlift and the lookout point, but that they had incorporated a water park with a large swimming pool, archery games and even a zipline that is a little further up the chairlift.

This is one of the slides that belongs to the water park.


We had already bought the tickets and finally started to go up. The cost was approximately 7 USD per person, which we thought was fair according to the touristic aspect and the service they offer.


We started to enjoy the scenery as we climbed higher and higher and every now and then we found signs like this 👇🏻


"SAY YES TO THE PANORAMIC PHOTO AND TAKE HOME THE BEST SOUVENIR", an extra service with additional cost to have a good quality photo of your experience on the chairlift.


My son and my wife walked ahead of me while I took some photos of them.


"ATTENTION!!! SAY YES TO THE TRADITIONAL PHOTO OF V.C. PAZ"... Would they be trying to convince me? But, if I am the photographer 🤣


At this point we had already covered almost the entire route and were about to reach the viewpoint when suddenly...

"GET READY, THE PHOTOGRAPHER WAITS FOR YOU"... Ok, they were definitely insistent 😂 in the end they did take a photo of us when we arrived but we never decided to go see it 😅


We arrive at the Viewpoint

Upon arrival I realized that not only the experience of riding the chairlift was included in the cost of the tickets but this beautiful view was also worth it, you could see much of the city, the reservoirs and a spectacular blue sky as we had a good weather at that time.



There is something I love about this city and that is that nature itself embraces the concrete, so to speak. There is a lot of vegetation, trees that give shade to every corner.


To go up here I decided to take two of my lenses with me: 18-55mm and 55-200mm.... I thought it was enough for this adventure but now I regretted not taking the 70-300mm 🤣 I think I would have reached different places but the truth is I'm very happy for these photos.

DSC_0912 (2).jpg

I don't think I should talk much about these pictures at the lookout point nor describe each one of them, in this case I would like to give you the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful view of the city of Villa Carlos Paz from this panoramic point.

Enjoy it 🙂

DSC_0909 (1).jpg




This is me and my son taking a selfie at the viewpoint 🥰


Tourists on the Chairlift


This time I took some pictures of other people enjoying this little trip or sightseeing tour and I think I found the 55-200mm lens very useful for this occasion. I was focusing very well from the lookout point and you can see part of the houses around the park.



You can see part of the mountainous landscape, the city, some people enjoyed recording the entire route while others only used their eyes.



Let's go back down.


When we were on our way back the idea was for me to go first so I could take some pictures of them from the front and not from the back as we did when we went up 🤣 I also had the opportunity to enjoy the scenery from another point of view.


Look at this house and what the vegetation looks like behind and behind the vegetation what the mountain looks like and above the sky ✨⛰️


Just as you can also see the pine trees, these other buildings and even the signs for Mcdonald's and the YPF gas station. It's another view of the city as we were on our way back down.



From this side we also saw part of the pool that makes up the water park, which has an additional value. Depending on each attraction it has a different cost.


While we were at the lookout we decided to pay for the zipline and it was a really exciting experience, I haven't downloaded those photos yet but I hope to do it soon and share it with you 😁




Here we were about to descend completely and happy to have enjoyed the experience of the Villa Carlos Paz chairlift, I found it very curious that I thought of the Bariloche chairlift when we traveled there only without snow on this occasion.

For me it will always be a unique experience to visit this kind of places and be able to admire the cities and landscapes from the heights, I think it is worth it.

What did you think of this place and this view? Leave me your comments 😊


I hope you have a great weekend ✨


...and with this photo I say goodbye 🙂


That's all folks! Thanks for stopping by and appreciating.


Camera: Nikon D3400 | Lens: AF-S DX NIKKOR 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED
Camera: NIKON D3400 | Lens: AF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR

"Photography is a universal language that transcends the barriers of culture and time." Fan-Ho.


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A very nice view from the height!!

It is a very nice place and the city of the heights looks very attractive. Thanks for stopping by :)


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