Pho Doan market - A destination not to be missed for tourists in Pu Luong, Thanh Hoa

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Hi dear Hivers in Pinmapple community, recently I had a chance to visit a really interesting place that, I think, is a destination not to be missed for tourists in Pu Luong, Thanh Hoa province. Pu Luong is rising as a famous ecotourism destination in Vietnam. And Pho Doan market is a must-visit destination in Pu Luong. Pho Doan market is located in a valley of Lung Niem commune, Ba Thuoc district, Thanh Hoa province. About the time, Pho Doan market takes place every Thursday and Sunday morning from 6am to 11am.

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Let me give you more details about the place where the market is. Pho Doan market is loacated in a flat land in a valley which is surrounded by high mountain peaks. It's understandable that the ethnic people who are living on high mountains around found this land suitable for them to meet and trade things. And that's how Pho Doan market was born. From the center of Pu Luong Ecotourism, it will us tourists about 20 minutes to drive through winding pass for about 8km to get to the market.





Pho Doan market - view from above


Pho Doan market takes place from 6am to 11am on every Thursday and Sunday morning. And to make it to the market on time, the ethnic peope in mountainous communes such as Thanh Lam, Co Lung, Lung Cao, Lung Niem, Thanh Son,...of Ba Thuoc district have to wake up and go to the market very early. Especially, people from remote villages which are Son, Ba and Muoi of Lung Cao commune are the furthest away. They are living on high mountains about 20km from the market, then they have to wake up early about 4am and cross mountains and streams to get to the market.




Even though the journey to the market is tough, but it's an indispensable part of their life, where they can sell the products they make and buy necessary things. You can find so many interesting things here. The most popular things are algriculture products such as rice, vegetable, spice, meat, fish, fruits,...then labor tools, fabric, jewelry, even chicks, ducklings, piglets, puppies,...People here prefer to use medical herbs instead of modern medicine, and so you can find many kinds of medical herbs here. In short, you can find so many interesting things here.


You can find a different world of cuisine here. Have you ever tried rat meat? Grilled rat meat is very popular here. How about roasted grassshopper? It looks delicious too. And there is also scary dishes like silkworm and earth worm. Are you willing to try? For me, it's okay to take a look.

Grilled rat meat

Roasted grassshopper

Silk worm

Earth worm

Besides, there are many delicious dishes and cakes in the market. You can take a seat at a small restaurant in the middle of the market, watch how people make your dish, try it for breakfast, blend into the crowd, feel the atmostphere and watch people around. I'm sure it's a unique experience that you never had before.










The most ethnic minority in this area is Thai. So you can see many Thai people wearing their beautiful and colorful traditional costume at the market. Another special thing is that there are many old people at the market. Going to the market is kind of their habit and joy to meet their friends and enjoy the atmosphere. You can see the happiness on their faces.



Here is pipe tobacco, a local tobacco. This type of tobacco is made from a type of tobacco leave which is planted in this area. The leaves are harvested and then dried and grinded. Then people put it into a bamboo pipe and smoke. The local people really like it so much that they say that there are two things they always do first in the morning are smoking pipe tobacco and drinking green tea. One recommendation for you is that if you never smoke, don't try it, or you will get dizzy.


The saleman is using an old scale to scale the tobacco





The market is just crowded from 6am to 11am, and then people go home and leave a quiet space behind. If you have chance to travel to Pu Luong, Thanh Hoa on Thursday and Sunday, I highly recommended this market for you. I'm sure you'll find so many interesting things and unique experience over there. Thank you very much for taking to read my post. Hope you have a good time with me at Pho Doan market. Wish you a nice day.


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The view of green mountains and white clouds is truly amazing and natural beauty. Traveled to an amazing place.

Thank you very much @kawsar8035

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Hello dear friend @dodovietnam Good morning
What a beautiful place you take us on this occasion, you always surprise us with the destinations you choose to make us known.
Your photographs are really very colorful and beautiful, those shots from above show the general beauty of the place
Thank you very much for showing us this beauty
have a great day

Thank you very much dear friend @jlufer
I'm proud to introduce beautiful places to international friends like you. And I'm happy that you and other people like my work.
Wish you a nice day.

That is truly a destiny that must not be missed. A place to actually explore around

That's truth, I hope you make it there one day.

All that came to my mind first was different communities with different lifestyle. I’m glad you took us on an online tour to this place
The pictures are lovely

Thank you very much for enjoying the tour @rafzat
I'm happy and proud to introduce new place to you.

This is a beautiful place which a must to visit. The food served is very unique. Visiting this place will give us the idea of their own culture. Thanks for taking us to this wonderful place.

You're right @selflessgem
The culture, cuisine and people are unique. I learn so much from there despite that I'm a Vietnamese.

Good to know the uniqueness of the place through your post.

An excellent documentary article as you always do dear @dodovietnam friend!...

This time I almost fainted when I saw those rats, crickets, worms and other "delicatessen" ready to eat!... haaaa haaa haaaa :))... I have been a lacto-vegetarian since I was 22, I don't think I could ever try such a variety of foods!

As always, I continue to be enthralled by how wonderful your photos of people are in which you capture the essence of their humanity... You are a master at that and you have an amazing gift for photographing "people being themselves".. A big applause!

!discovery 35

Oh dear friend @jlinaresp
Your words are so inspirational
I'd love to travel around and take photos
And I'm so happy and proud that you and other people like my work and the place.
Wish you a nice day.

Love every detail of the photos. I can't see myself eating roast rat, but it would be wonderful to mingle in their culture. A huge thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed this post, especially from a photographic point of view, I think it's wonderful 👏.

I don't eat rat meat too, but I respect the culture.
Thank you very much
And I'm happy that you like the post.

A very interesting market. You sell very exotic products - beetles and larvae. An interesting place.

Yes it is @apnigrich
Thank you very much for your visit and lovely comment.

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Different cultures. different food. It doesn't make them less or yucky. We have to respect that and be aware of it. I can take a look no problem :) That's the beauty of diversity.

I totally agree with you @franzpaulie
In my opinion, the diversity add more beauty to the life, and we just accept and respect it.

Wow! Thank you for sharing this photos with us. I am opportuned to see the different culture of the Pu Luong, Thanh Hoa. It seems their market is full of only food

Yes it is a really nice place to pay a visit @iskawrites
I hope you can make it there one day.

Whenever one goes to such beautiful places and sees such natural scenery like mountains and see how busy people are in their life and we see that every person has only one job. That what he is going to do should be completed quickly.

Thank you very much for your visit and compliment @djbravo
Your words are my motivation.

I'm transported back to my earlier days in my village, it's amazing how cultures are almost the same across continents. We have this early morning Market too where we cross rivers with our wares, we go early and return early with our daily supplies.
Pho Doan is indeed a commercial hub and I can see happy people and very appetizing snacks, a bite wouldn't hurt.... Hahaha.

Oh I'm so happy that my post brought you to your childhood @edith-4angelseu
In my opinion, even though life changes fast, there are things never change, which are our memory. And that's a precious gift.

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