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RE: Shipwrecks in Sile river

in Pinmapplelast year

Your choice looks so much better than an overcrowded village on the water! Heard in Covod times Venice was kinda empty but didn't see photo's so can't judge. Once I was in Venice in October which was pretty good, tourist wise. I was almost the only one on Piazza San Marco. Must have been two decades ago, so kinda ancient times {LOL}.

I said goodbye to this beauty and headed back to civilisation.

{LOL} ... your friends are not living in civilisation? {LOL}


{LOL} ... your friends are not living in civilisation? {LOL}

😅 who is not living in civilisation now is me... or it was supposed to be like that :D

But now you must be in civilisation! or?

You see... mission failed to live outside it!