Where did all the locks go?

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wroclaw ostrow tumski 7.jpg

One of the places I like to visit almost every time I am in Wroclaw is the Cathedral area with this tiny little bridge. It was built in 1889, and it connects the Piasek Island with Ostrów Tumski (the oldest part of Wroclaw city). It is a lovely walk from the center along the river, and since you are already there, you can also pop in to the University Botanical Garden. Lovely area in general.

But what a surprise I had when I visited the place last fall. The little steel bridge was always covered with a gazillion colorful locks. The way people do in Paris, for example, or any other bridge they find suitable :).
The love locks are very photogenic and I was looking forward to getting some shots, especially since it started to rain so they would all be nice and shiny and I could catch some little drops as well.

Where are the locks I am asking??

wroclaw ostrow tumski 4.jpg

It didnt take me long to spo this guy...

wroclaw ostrow tumski 6.jpg

Yep, now I know what happened with the locks. They were all removed and he was put there as a guardian :)

In case you don't know, there are hundreds of little dwarves like this one living around Wroclaw. They all have their own name and job. It is pretty cool to walk around and find as many as you can.

wroclaw ostrow tumski 5.jpg

Few rebellious humans managed to hang fresh ones though :p

wroclaw ostrow tumski 8.jpg

wroclaw ostrow tumski 1.jpg

And after you finally leave the little bridge alone, pass the cathedral and reach another bridge to cross the river back - this is the view.
The white building in the very back, with the red roof, is a library.
The two towers on the right are the cathedral.

And lovely dark grey skies as a bonus.

wroclaw ostrow tumski  3.jpg

I stood there for a while, enjoying the light rain and the view when I saw a little gang approaching :)

wroclaw ostrow tumski 2.jpg

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Nikkor 18-55mm lens
All photos and text are my own.

separator flowers.jpg


Hello, I dream of visiting Wrocław and looking for gnomes around the city. And for now, there is one gnome living in my native city of Lviv, which was a gift from the city of Wrocław.

Ohhhh!! It looks just like our ones! And it has a sunflower. That is so cute :D
I hope you manage to come one day and see many more of them.

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I found them !LOL It must have been a pain cutting them all off the bridge but I suppose there must have been some sort of maintenance issues

You got them all!! :D
I'd say so.. or it was just getting too heavy for the little bridge.

What do you call a marine mammal that should do something?
An oughtter.

Credit: reddit
@ewkaw, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of new.things



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In case you don't know, there are hundreds of little dwarves like this one living around Wroclaw.

Oh, they seem to proliferate. There were a bunch of them in Tarnów when I went there in May. There are supposedly plenty of them in Katowice, although I only know one on the bottom of the stairs near Spodek. Hopefully they are native, not some invasive species :o)

So they are taking over other cities too now? :p

Very invasive :D

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Those little dwarves must be fun to hunt around, very unique and such a playful and charming idea. Beautiful place. 😊🩷

They are... I manage to find quite a few, but new ones keep popping! :D They are so cool!

Thank you for inviting me to travel to this beautiful and clean country🤗🤗🤗 @ewkaw

My pleasure!

It's so funny! A little keeper. Very original

Yea.. and he is adorable :D

Oh, this seems like it would be so much fun to go and search for as many dwarfs as I could find. Do you have any idea how many there are?

Probably over 500 :D
Would take a while to find them all.

That cathedral looks so similar with The Black Church from Romania :)

Wow that is a beauty!!

Around Wroclaw, many dwarves gathered together and each had a different job, which may have made the area special. Maybe they drew pictures of the dwarves living here, symbolizing love and their hearts, on the locks and hung them on the bridge. They may have wanted their love and affection to last forever by throwing the key into the river. It looks like an area where you can walk along the river and have a good time. Your simple and sincere explanation also catches the eye at first glance. Congratulations.

Hellooo!! That's a cool sculpture. I like the way bridges with locks look, but I think that for some bridges the weight may be too much and that's why they remove them, or so I once heard!!

:) I leave one pic here from a bridge in Salzburg.

Best regards!

WhatsApp Image 2024-07-10 at 8.04.16 AM.jpeg

Yes, some old bridges are not made to carry all the weight from all the locks.

Cool shot! There is even one in heart shape :)

Aww it's really adorable 🥰. I don't stop myself to comment.

And you shouldn't stop...

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A little late thanks :)

Awwww... What I can say?... It's what I call lovely an poetical street shots!... Applause!

!discovery shots

Thank you! :D

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Any idea why all the locks were removed??

The sheer number of locks placed on the bridges added a significant amount of weight. The Pont des Arts in Paris, for example, accumulated so many locks that the combined weight became a serious structural issue, threatening the integrity of the bridge.

accumulated so many locks that the combined weight became a serious structural issue, threatening the integrity of the bridge.

Wow, I guess that's why after a certain time, these locks need to go. They sure play a memorable role in human life but threatening to the bridge structure...

Thank you for the explanation...

I see Browery already explained. I think this is why they removed them.
Maybe some conservation works had to be done and they were on the way.

Nice photos captured. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you!

Little bastard is responsible for the increase in the divorce rate. He has cut off the love :)

I am thinking the divorce lawyers were the sponsors of this one here :D

beautiful pictures!! Love it !! 💚

Thank you!

Wow! I had so much fun reading and looking at your nice shots!

Nice, thanks :)

I read somewhere that love locks are removed from bridges because of the strain they cause. That the combined weight of the locks threatened to damage the bridges' structure

Yes, I read that too. And I think this could be the case here. The bridge was completely covered in them.