"I see dead people" "Where?" "Here" Panteón de San Fernando. CDMX . October 22

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Amongst the Tombs

The Panteón de San Fernando is one of the oldest preserved graveyards in CDMX. It opened its gates in 1832 and stopped accepting guests in 1872



Although the grim reaper has no preference twixt rich or poor, this graveyard was when opened, entitled the "Pantheon of Illustrious Men"


If graveyards can become famous and sought after this one surely did. Small. well looked after it was highly prized by the hoi-poloi of 19th C Mexico City.



Due to its ever increasing popularity, burial costs rose significantly and only the most affluent and richest of society good afford to chuck the cadavers in the ground and build everlasting monuments above them



General Ignacio Zaragoza, known as the hero of the Battle of Puebla, here the Mexican army defeated the elite French army. he died in 1862 of typhoid. In 1976, His bones were dug up and moved to the city of Peubla, where he was buried and a monument erected in his honour.


Due to diminishing space in the cemetery, there are a vast number of Niches in the walls, simple poignant and commemorative.







Here is an anomaly, the dancer who died aged 50yrs in a tragic accident in France never ever visited Mexico, but a platonic lover, a former president of Mexico, Plutarco Elías Calles, was so smitten he had a personal niche installed for her (her bones lie in a tomb in Paris), Ah presidential power and brown envelopes across an oak table aside, Isadora was actually born in 1877 and died in 1927. It is in the detail fella in the detail.


Merchant and diplomat whose claim to fame was that in 1850 he installed Mexico's first electronic telegraph service. Died of pneumonia 1853



Benito Juarez Garcia, 26th and first indigenous Zapotec president of Mexico and his pre-deceased wife.

So here in San Fernando the tombs of politicians, military men, governors and personalities of former times.


Celebrations of Death

From the 29th of October to the 2nd November, Mexico in particular goes into over drive in celebration of death.

October 31, is the eve of Dia de Muertos, or, noche de brujas (night of the witches).

I was lucky to be here in the graveyard to witness and enjoy:






Sitting for a short while amongst those that knew what was going on watching the ensemble prepare for their musical interlude before giving up my seat to someone who deserved to be here. I wandered back out into the sunshine. Good timing!!



During the week long celebrations of the Day of the Dead, Panteón de San Fernando has a number of activities going on, performers wander through the cemetery telling tales and acting out the history of some of those who lie here.





A small but appreciative crowd present to enjoy the festivities




The performers all willing to take time out and allow me to snap them.




I have not the foggiest idea what was happening.



Enjoyable nonetheless, the rapturous applause and a whooping and a hollering was richly deserved. Enough noise to wake the dead.



Now that is how I want my coffin to look like when they burn my bones at the local crematorium.





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AWESOME! in every way. 😎

thank you @littlebee4

You are welcome 👋🏻😊

What a time to be present to enjoy the festival, costumes and make up sure entertaining.

Running out of land at dead center, no wonder with the size of tombstones they afforded....

!BEER with Saturday greetings and cheer....

cheers @joanstewart yes my main reason for being there at that time of year.

Good fun more carnival than a worry about dead people rising....

yes death is nothing to be scared of

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It is interesting that the Day of the Dead is celebrated in this way in Mexico, through so many activities. What did the musician play, was it classical music?

yes classical music but alas I know not what.

it's like death tourism

The best kind @nnurdiani thanks for stopping by, do you not like death and all its wonder/

Death, I really don't like that word. But, I know, one day I will die

nothing more certain than death and taxes lol
one life live it enjoy it

Your desired coffin looks like a wine gum? You sure it's a good idea? You might get gobbled up by the ants

LOl, wine gums, they have to be Maynards!!!, well I am sure the ants will enjoy a nibble

Wow, how incredible. The photos are at the top 📸 It looks like they had a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing 😃

you're welcome @name0 thanks for stopping by, it was a great couple of hours

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cheers @livinguktaiwan @pinmapple your support is always appreciated

They were very creative and artistic.

that is how I want my coffin to look like

At least you already have in mind the kind of coffin you want when you die.

cheers @kellyane thanks for stopping by, always stay one step ahead!!

Wow - cracking bone yard, and great to see the celebrations !

cheers @hoosie .....better to come!!

A cemetery similar to the one you described I visited in Zagreb, but the celebration of the Day of the Dead you captured in an amazing way.

cheers @triplug

Have a wonderful week ahead.

you too

cheers you too keep calm keep blogging

I follow my dream😉

good philosophy to have

I am catching up on your blog. Was visiting good ole London. 😀

This is fascinating. I love cultures that appreciate their dead but a whole celebration is something else. Good that you caught the festivities and that some were villing to pose for you.
The graveyard is beautiful - I do like to peruse them as well.

The candy looking coffin that you would like your bones to be interred in will certainly be something to marvel at for a long time.

cheers @momogrow I hope london met your expectations and you got to see plenty? I look forward to joining your adventures on here.

Thanks for your comments, the graveyard was special, with so much live theatre going on a very pleasant couple of hours

Aww I can imagine.

I accomplished what I wanted in London-didn’t do much sightseeing but I’ve been several times. Post to follow.😀