The end. A Tale of two cities. Contrasts. Tbilisi September 22.

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Mother Georgia gazes down over her people, and me.


I fell for it, all the bottles were empty, I've never been lucky.



No, this is not as old as it looks, constructed as recently as 2010. It was designed and built by Revaz Gabriadze, a Georgian with many arty attributes.


It fronts a puppet theatre in Tbilisi old town, the tiles too were designed by the same guy.


Known as the clock tower or Angel tower, as on the hour every hour an angel comes out and strikes the bell, (as seen in the first snap)


The enttrance to the puppet theatre is adorned with some lovely "aged" snaps of various puppets in action




Doors and windows


I loved the old wooden doors to what I guess were once proud old homes, now tenement buildings maybe, shabby chic is a suitable phrase to use.



But my god they are gorgeous, crafted out of real wood, by craftsmen, carpenters years served in the trade.


Now? I guess real doors are available, at a price, but most are made by machine, composite materials used in construction.


No five point locking mechanisms, just wrought iron gills to prevent access by intruder and interloper.




Sometimes one just has to push a door open and see what life lies beyond



Or, stick the lens through an open window




Modern Architecture

Now, Tbilisi does have some modern structures away from the old town, not as much character but none the less some admirable architecture.


The Bridge of Peace, spans the Kura River, constructed of glass and steel, it opened in 2010


It was designed by an Italian, Michele De Lucchi and it was actually built in Italy, before being transported to Tbilisi on 200 trucks.




It has been given the unfortunate nickname of the "Always Ultra" bridge due to its apparent likeness to an ahem....ladies' product.

Moving swiftly on



Across the Kura River, stands the "Rike jugs", buit in 2012,at a cost of 21million euros as what was intended to be Tbilisi's concert hall, never finished never a performance held. It was recently sold on an online auction, ( well I didn't see it on ebay) for just under 3 million euros. OOPS, someone fucked up.



A rather fancy structure built the same time as the jugs, this is a rather grand local government building.



Once again architects from Italy undertook the project and it now houses various govt. departments.


Tbilisi. The end. Soon darkness will be upon us.


Wow what a beatufull photos i really love it

cheers @isbelhiv02 thanks for stopping by, thanks for your kind words 👍

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Lady's products, tunnels and mushroom, they really have interesting taste in architecture l. Do you have any idea what the €3m tunnel will be used for?

I really don't know, probably become a haven for grafitti!

Modern architecture looks well thought out for walk bridge keeping on dry and protected !LOLZ got the nickname right.

Old town looks a bit mishmash to say the least hanging on by it's hinges, angel tower fits in to surroundings, no real use in this mixed city still making up it's mind about old or new.

Why did the banker quit his job?
He lost interest.

Credit: lofone
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I guess the old bits, for me at least add charm.

Reflects more character of the people.

yes thats true

Wow!! So that’s an entire town? I love it! I can’t believe it’s from 2010! Absolutely original! The Angel tower made me think about Alice in Wonderland! I loved it at the first time but then the details are a little bit scary at least for me, hehe.

The panoramic view at the end is stunning!! I really love your post! A place between art, nature, architecture and fantasy!

Wow, very top photographs. Thanks for sharing ☺️

thank you @name0 for your kind comments on my upload.

In those first pictures everything looks so worn and at the same time so magical... I love the antique doors.

Here in Havana there are a lot of them and some people have restored them too. Maybe one day I'll take the plunge and make a collection of them in photos.

cheers @nanixxx , thanks for stopping by, thank you for your kind comments. I visited your gorgeous country 12 years ago, loved it and remember Havana well such fantastic architecture

Well things haven't changed much here... yes, the capitol has been restored. We have a super cool orthodox church too with golden domes. 😉

I hope it hasnt lost its charm?

How can a 504-year-old lady lose it?


Love the contrast between dusty narrow streets and those more modern buildings. Of course, they both have their charm but I appreciate them even more being shared together. Also, I'm wondering if those bottles are actually ever filled with drinks haha, otherwise, the drink must be really good that you always find them empty already!

Yes I wondered about the bottles too LOl. thanks for stopping by

Your vivid exploration of Tbilisi's architectural marvels showcases the intricate blend of traditional and contemporary designs, encapsulating the essence of the city's rich history and cultural evolution. Your attention to detail and engaging narrative effortlessly transport readers to the heart of these stunning structures, inviting them to experience the charm and character of Tbilisi. Thank you for sharing this captivating journey through the city's diverse architectural tapestry.

the building is very classic, so beautiful.

Today I spoke with a person who told me about the beauty of Georgia. I once dreamed of going there first of all. Georgia is not far from Turkey. Maybe I'll go next time.
This door is particularly beautiful !


Thank you @olga.maslievich it is a beautiful country indeed, but you seem happy in Turkey?