Freezing at 543 meters above sea level

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Join us on our epic hike to the summit of Ryten (543 m). A beautiful hike that starts at sea level, climbs to around 80 meters and then drops to sea level again. Once at the beach you’ll start a steep and long ascent towards the summit. The hike offers spectacular views with the final reward lying at the summit. Together with Peter, Jurre Jan & Melvin, we set off to hike to the beautiful vantage point on the summit of Ryten. Follow us on our epic journey towards the summit!

The view at the summit is beyond imagination! It is worth all the effort! Tamron SP 24-70 F/2.8 G2 @ 27 mm | f/11 | 1 sec | ISO 100 with NiSi Landscape CPL.


It was a beautiful but though hike and even though the view at the summit is spectacular, the blistering cold made it nearly impossible to take any pictures. After I had taken one shot, the sun disappeared behind a band of clouds close to the horizon. Therefore I packed away the camera and flew the drone. This was one of the scariest flights I’ve done. There was so much wind, and thanks to a battery problem, my controller (which is now at DJI for replacement) depleted super fast and my phone was only at one percent because of filming with it. And to add to this, because of the extreme cold, my gloves were frozen solid. This ment that moving the sticks was a bit more crude than normally, but still I am super excited about the drone footage. I really hope you enjoy this video!

Exif: 3 shot Panoramic Image: Tamron SP 24-70 F/2.8 G2 @ 27 mm | f/11 | 1 sec | ISO 100 with NiSi Landscape CPL.

Tragic Story – Myuu
To weather a storm – Dan Lebowitz
Ocean Beach – Dan Lebowitz
Plenty Step – Freedom Trail Studio
Scapes – Silent Partner
Overcome – Ugonna Onyekwe

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Thanks very much! I will check it out!

Hi there Harmen, welcome to Hive, particularly another traveller. It's crazy to see freezing snowy mountains at so low altitude, it must have been freezing there. But it's so beautiful there, like you're the only person in the whole world.

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Thank you so much for the nice compliments and really helpful advice!

It was crazy to be there on the top of that mountain. I had been there multiple times before but never experienced such harsh conditions. I had been there with a lot of snow on every other occasion too, but this particular time was really cold and hard. It was epic though! It makes you feel so alive. The reason that there is so much snow at such low altitude is because it is well within the Arctic circle.

I will make an introduction post! That is a really good idea!

Greetings Harmen

Woow, great place and superb pics? Where it is located?

Thanks so much! This is in Norway, well within the Arctic circle. On the Lofoten to be precise.

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Thanks very much for the amazing compliment!!

Great image! I love those post sunset sky colors, and the drone footage in your video was awesome!

Thanks very much! That is a nice thing to say. To fly the drone here was really scary! It was super windy and I couldn't feel my fingers anymore :-D

hello, @harmenpiekema! I'm @jcrodriguez from the @OCD team. we've seen that you've already published your first post here on Hive! congratulations and welcome! I'm looking at your social media and your photos are amazing and you've visited fabulous places. You know what would be great? If you put on your yotube channel and instagram a link to your new blog on Hive, so your followers would have the option to follow you and read your blog on the platform.

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Thanks very much for the compliments! Also, thanks a lot for the tips and advice! That is very useful since there is a lot possible on Hive. I will try to take it all in and I will post an introduction as well. I love to write so I will probably write a lot more blogs in the near future!

Thanks again for making me feel really welcome!
Greetings Harmen