Centralworld - large shopping complex in Bangkok

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While on our way to Bangkok Art and Culture Center, we came across this shopping mall called centralwOrld which is just a few blocks from BACC. It's located in the busy street of Bangkok, to which I assume is their leisure center of the city since there are a lot of malls in there lol.


Ads of luxury brands are seen from the outside so you'll know it's not just a shopping mall.



Upon entering the gate in the main entrance, you'll be greeted by all these known brands. Some brands I haven't even heard of lol. Calvin Klein, Victoria's Secret, Michael Kors, Rolex, Gucci, you name it.

Outside, it doesn't look like a huge shopping mall but on the inside you'll question yourself lol. Good thing we have Google Maps there. so we'll know which direction we're heading to.

Apparently, it's the eleventh shopping complex in the world. Lol. Makes sense why we kept on walking and wondering why we're still at the same mall despite the many entrances we have to go through.


Wait woah, did you see that?


Just a two-floor Apple store. Apparently, it's the biggest Apple store they have in Thailand - the other one is in Icon Siam. It's just one building full of Apple products. :D




_DSF3244 1.jpg

On the other side of the mall, there's this big statue/ art installation(?) which looked interesting.

_DSF3253 1.jpg

I looked for the name of the artist though but sadly I didn't see it. It's probably there somewhere haha. Seeing things like this just tells you their art scene here is great. :D


_DSF3268 1.jpg

While drinking our coffee outside, these two birds were flirting in front of us. They were following each other, looking like they were just having a stroll.

_DSF3271 1.jpg

I don't know the mating behavior of pigeons but I'd like to think they're a couple. XD

_DSF3274 1.jpg

One also went and stopped in front of us. He stood there for like 10 minutes, probably waiting to see if we have some food to give. It looked like someone cut off his feet on purpose tho, which was sad. :(

We didn't go around much in the mall since our main goal for that day was to get to the Bangkok Art and Culture Center haha but we looked a bit in the nearby mall too (there's a lot of malls in this area) to look for a water flosser but sadly we didn't find any. :/


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What a beautiful place, when you say that there are many entrances and luckily you have Google Map, I remembered several huge shopping centers that I have visited in some cities of my country Venezuela. I don't use any apps to get my bearings (they didn't exist in those days), so I had to use my memory and record the names of the tickets. The place you show us is really amazing, very nice. Even the pigeons had their share of prominence.

Oh wow now I can’t even imagine not having internet and just find the places and stores myself. Internet has made life easier. Thank you!

This shopping place looks awesome, must be my end and the end of my wallet 🤣🤣🤣

Hahaha yes indeed! We didn't even bother to go inside those expensive stores and to check what they have. I don't wanna get out of there sad cos I couldn't afford lol. Better not to look! 😂🤣

Thats where we all used to go for the new years eve countdown. Streets all get closed and a million people fill the road. I did it once even though i hate crowds. Been there, done that. Won't be doing it again!

Loving the posts and the enthusiasm. Best wishes as always :-)

Woahhh sounds fun!! So this is kinda like Times Square eh? XD

Haha you could say that but as an Englishman, I'd have said Trafalgar Square, but with fewer pigeons!
I know I stood three hours listening to shit Thai music and another 3 to escape and try and work out where we'd left the scooter!

Those mall are nice
I wish we have this in Nigeria
Nice pictures though

Yeah! Nice to just walk around even if you aren't buying anything. Sitting outside the mall was pretty chill :D Thank you!

Why the sky is beautiful outside there? :)

When at a big mall in my city, I have to look at google maps to find some brands lol.

Yeah it was a peaceful sky at that time! :D
Thank goodness for the internet cos we can save some time instead of wandering in different malls lol. Some nice malls also have this mall directory where you could find them although I think only a few people look at that XD

Calvin Klein is quite a familiar brand, I think they mostly deal in underwears or so. But wow, this place is huge if you ask me. Look at those massive hand sculpture, reminds me of something similar in China or Brazil, i can't remember.
I think you're right about the pigeon, they're a couple and you'll notice a different neck structure, that's how you'll tell the female from the male.
You're looking absolutely dashing in that picture

Damn how did you know that about pigeons? Hahah. I love having random big sculptures in malls and shit, they show us how progressive they are and at the same time it tells us about their culture. A city that gives little importance to art is boring as fuck.

I literally watched pigeons all my life as a kid and their mating culture was always fun so I knew how you could tell the male from the female.
I like to visit an exquisite city as this someday, it uses art to literally talk to people and it's so astonishing. Keep enjoying your travels.

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I too wanna come Bangkok❤️