Exploring the Natural Paradise of Valli Di Comacchio: A Cyclist's Journey

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Hello fellow travelers!

These days I got a little lost and forgot to share with you some photos I took a few days ago during my bike ride in the Valli Di Comacchio, a place that might be quite well-known in Italy but I'm almost convinced that abroad they don't even know what I'm talking about.


These are the bike routes to explore, definitely not with a regular bike but with a mountain bike.

It's not just paradise for us cycling enthusiasts because in this place there are many beautiful routes to explore, offering the opportunity to admire stunning landscapes, and I hope to convey this through the photos I'm sharing with you here.


But more than that, and I discovered this by frequently visiting this place, here lies the Paradise of Nature. In reality, this area used to be marshland located between the provinces of Ravenna and Ferrara, but over the years, parts of these territories have been reclaimed. Fortunately, human intervention hasn't ruined biodiversity; in fact, this is an important paradise for naturalists and biologists. Many times, I see bird species here that I don't see anywhere else in Italy, and I think this is important for our existence as humans too.


I didn't quite understand if these structures are still used by fishermen today


How beautiful is this little bridge leading to the island where the church is located?

Reading the various signs I encountered during my bike ride, I discovered that this area is truly vast, spanning approximately 13,700 hectares. It was declared a site of international interest back in the 1970s.


These are the famous 'Casoni' I was telling you about, which are still used today for fishing in these areas.

But what truly left me speechless is the fact that this place was already important in the past because the Ancient Roman road passed through here. And even today, it's quite significant because, as you can see from the photos I've shared, there are still people fishing here, an activity that has always been widespread in these areas. I also managed to photograph these "Casoni," which were structures used by fishermen who practically lived in this area for a period.


Nowadays, many of these structures are abandoned or used by birdwatchers, a popular tourist activity in these areas. It's a beautiful place that I highly recommend not only for physical activities but also to understand the importance of this natural site. Even I, who am not particularly attached to nature, realize its significance in these places.


I hope you enjoyed my photos, and perhaps soon I'll also share the routes I take, which might be useful for someone. See you next time!


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