Crossing Greece by train, boat and bus.

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After a long night in the ferry, sleeping a few moments crouched and squished in a chair that isn’t meant for sleeping, we arrive in Athens.

Even though I have heard a lot of good things about Greece, I am a bit sceptical. It feels weird to be “back in Europe”. To be honest I am also bias. Turkey was amazing, so if Greece wanted to impress me it would have to bee exceptionally awesome.

High expectations that are hard to overcome.

Getting out of the boat we manage to squeeze in to a shuttle bus, bringing us out of the huge port. Stumbling out of the bus, we pick the first bench and make a coffee.

During the whole last sleepless night, I was looking forward to this moment: Breakfast. Because we carried some of our favourite “Trilece” cake and chocolate filled “Simit” bakery thing all the way from Turkey, so we could have one last Turkish breakfast in Greece. Excited, willing to forget and forgive all the troubles of the night, we get the food, spoons and cups out.

Taking a sip of coffee before I get my first of the last spoon full of cake.

Was it a beautiful morning? Did I want to give Greece a chance?

“We need to get out of here!”

The cake had turned sour over the night!

My disappointment is that of a kid that finds no presents under a Christmas tree.

“I heard Albania does “Trilece” too!”

“...and they don’t have Euros!”

“Okay let’s go!”

As we buy the train ticket to bring us away from Athens, we are shocked how much they cost. Spending Euros is just not that much fun! That perception doesn’t change when I see prices in the supermarket. Still thinking and calculating in Lyra. “What do you even mean 140Lyra for a few tomatoes?” Eating some toast bread with peanut butter we wait for a bus and wonder if it was the right decision to leave the bikes behind. Where should we sleep? How much is one night in a Hotel going to cost around here?

We finally arrive in a town we don’t know and it is night time.


With no plan where to sleep we are left with only one option: the night bus to Albania.
We assume the bus passes this town, we assume it has to be close to the train station.
All I see is a lot of empty counter windows, including the one that seems to be for buses. Just in time before even the train-ticket-office closes I manage to ask the lady about the Albania-buses.

Did I say I was disappointed by Greece?

Not by the people. As every one we had spoken to, she is super mega friendly, doesn’t mind to speak english at all, and doesn’t seem to know the answer to my question.
It makes me laugh.

Nevertheless we find the little Albania-bus-company. Stumbling into the brightly light up office we have one more mission for the day. Getting that bus!

Thank you for passing by, much appreciated! Enjoy your day!

All photos and words are my own.


Welcome to our country 🙂
I am sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy your arrival here, well athens is not the best choice if you want to see the real beauty of this country. You should visit Epirus region sometime it is next to Albania borders, I am sure you will be amazed!
As for the prices you are absolutely right, everything here is rising day by day and it sucks. Greece has many beautiful places to visit, islands, mountains but you have to spend so much many to explore around. It is also hard for us here to go for vacation at our own country. I hope you enjoy your days in Albania, stay safe😊

Thank you! and Hi! Nice to see you coming around😊
Yes I was guessing that Athens wouldn't be a great place for good impressions (or like most huge cities). I also think if I was traveling by car/van I would have loved Greece, and be able to access all those beautiful beaches, rivers.... just nature:) (which was difficult with public transport) I'll have to do that next time!!😁

Hey there! 🌍 Just read your travel adventure through Greece, and oh boy, what a journey! 🚢😴 From the night on the ferry to the sour cake twist, you really took us along for the ride. 😅 The disappointment about the spoiled "Trilece" is like finding coal under the Christmas tree! 😢 But hey, Albania might have the sweet remedy. 🍰🇦🇱 Your encounters with friendly locals made me chuckle; sometimes the best moments come from unexpected places. 😄 Best of luck with the Albania-bus mission – may it be smooth sailing from here! Thanks for sharing your highs, lows, and everything in between.

That's what it is all about in the end😊 ...lots of surprises good ones and uncomfortable ones, make the story😁
Thank you for your lovely comment💛 glad to hear you enjoyed the read🌸

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