A cloudy walk in Thessaloniki, GR

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What's up everyone?

I finally finished moving to Thessaloniki and get to enjoy a nice walk with my girlfriend today!
We passed through the city center on our way to the port and shot some photos to share with all of you!

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It's been some time since my last travel blog so LET'S GO

A Cloudy Walk In Thessaloniki, GR

The city center was not so crowded and that's quite unsusual for a Saturday afternoon in a big city!
There was traffic but not so many people walking around.


We walked in front of the famous OTE Tower, a rotating tower with a coffee shop on it! Yeah, this building is rotating while you are drinking your coffee! Weird right?


Things were different at the port! It was crowded and people were enjoying an afternoon walk after a storm!
It was windy, cloudy and sunny, an awesome combination if you ask me.

Here is a photo from the statue of Alexander, The Great located at the city port. It is also the most famous skate spot in Thessaloniki city. This place is entirely made out of marble and it feels so good riding your board there!


We walked east for around 20 minutes and found an awesome spot to watch the sunset!
It was really beautiful. It is the first time in my life I live in a coastal city so I really enjoy walking and chilling right next to the ocean.


I am in Thessaloniki for 1 week now and I still feel I am on vacation! I still can't realize 100% that I moved here but I am slowly getting there. Hehehe!

We are gonna visit a ton of unique places around the city so stay tuned for more contest!

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog everyone and thank you all in advance for your support.
Much love to you all and always have fun.

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Adorable Thessaloniki, beautiful Macedonia!!! Hellas <3

It really is beautiful @vasitocoin7! Have you ever been here?

Yes,long time ago when I was a boy.

A few days I have been exactly there! 🤣🤣 Amazing place in the world 😊