Faces of Thailand - People in the Land of Smiles

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While I travel through Thailand like this, interesting people come in front of my camera over and over again. I love to photograph people and especially when I travel abroad. Therefore, I have here once a selection of photographs of various people from Thailand.


I photographed this elderly lady looking out of the window of a train that has just passed through the train market. At Maeklong Station, of course. I reported about it here at the time: https://peakd.com/hive-163772/@louis88/visit-the-mae-klong-secret-train-market-in-amphawa-district-in-samut-songkhram-province


I also photographed this sleeping Thai lady behind a stall near Maeklong Station. In this heat, you are allowed to take a little break.


Here's another photo of a salesman sitting behind his stall. Yes I know... the photos are from December 2022 and by then Covid wasn't really a big deal anymore. But I had the Thais explain to me why the vendors, traders and all those who do a job wear a mask. The vast majority of Thai people are 100% dependent on their job and simply cannot afford to get sick. For these reasons, most photographs show locals wearing a mask. Of course, this is understandable.


The elderly lady also caught me taking a photo and gave a friendly wave... or did she actually mean...? 30 Baht?


Here I saw a longtail boat driver who had just passed through the floating market. Very concentrated and chilled out, he is sailing his boat through the masses of tourists.


Here my brother and I are staying with a very nice family who have a small but very nice restaurant on the small island of Ko Tao. It is on the eastern side of the island and was right next to our hotel on the beach. I will probably report on this soon too!


This photo was taken in downtown Bangkok. In the back of the "Standing Buddha" there are many small Buddha statues where you can watch the locals praying from time to time.




If you've ever been to Bangkok, you know how messy the power cabling can be. Shortly before we visited another temple in the centre of Bangkok, I spotted these 3 workers who were working on the power cables. But with all the chaos going on there, the 3 workers are in a very good mood. Thailand is simply wonderful and confirms once again that it is the land of smiles.


A monk in a temple at prayer.


One more friendly Thai Guy around my Tour in Bangkok :)



I like TukTuk Drivers! These two tuktuk drivers took us around the island of Koh Lanta safely but with great pleasure through the night and during the day.


And last but not least, the colleague at Ram Fashion in downtown Bangkok. Yes, we have heard about it and we probably did it too. There are very often tuk-tuk drivers in Bangkok who offer you a whole city tour for only 100 baht. That is incredibly cheap for half a day across Bangkok! After 3 stops, the driver let us off at a tailor shop and said, go in and show a little interest. We didn't know then that he would get a petrol voucher for it. So we went in and had a look around... Actually, we didn't want to buy anything, but then we let ourselves be talked into something. After about 45 minutes, we each got a tailor-made silk shirt. We paid about 70 USD per shirt. The nice thing was that the shirt was delivered directly to the hotel and we now also have a customer card. On our next trip, I will definitely have a few more shirts made. The owner was very nice and accommodating. I enjoyed that very much.


Wow, what incredible photographs. Thanks for sharing 🙂

The elderly lady also caught me taking a photo and gave a friendly wave... or did she actually mean...? 30 Baht?

LOL or the peace out sign with three fingers?😂😂

It is amazing the power of photography, you could capture the essence of these wonderful people from Thailand, by looking at them, I could image a story behind every smiling face, Beautiful post ❤️ Love every photo! Greetings

Beautiful pictures😍

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Those smiles are nice and beautiful.