My first visit to Cimory Dairyland Farm Theme Park Puncak

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How are you all?? I hope you are always in good condition.....

In this post I will tell you about my first visit to CIMORY DAIRYLAND Farm Theme Park Puncak.
Cimory Dairyland Puncak opened recently around 2021, its location is located in Megamendung, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia.
I travel on holidays with my family.
The distance I had to travel to get there took about two hours of travel. I traveled with a private car.

The thing I can't forget when I'm on the way is that when I see an accident between motorcyclists, my body feels weak when I see the rider drooping on the side of the road with blood flowing from his head, no one dares to lift it up or take off the helmet he is wearing and the Ambulance doesn't come right away either. The trip was a little hampered due to traffic jams but I didn't have time to stop and just continued my journey.I hope the person gets help soon.

Time passed and I finally arrived at my destination. The first thing I did was queue to buy tickets, this ticket price varied.

Weekday ticket price

  1. To enter Magic Village: Rp 20.000
  2. To enter Dairyland: Rp 30.000
  3. To enter Combo Package: Rp 45.000

Weekend ticket price

  1. To enter Magic Village: Rp 30.000
  2. To enter Dairyland: Rp 40.000
  3. To enter Combo Package: Rp 65.000

Here we can see that ticket prices on holidays will be more expensive than weekdays, because usually these tourist attractions will be crowded when holidays arrive.

Cimory Dairyland is a tourist spot that carries the concept of education and recreation with the theme of animal farming such as horses, birds, turtles, cows and other animals so that this place is liked by children.


After paying the ticket the first place I visited was the animal farm section. Inside there are some animals that are locked in cages.



If I'm not mistaken in the picture is a turkey and rabbit animal cage. For rabbit cages we can enter to play, but for turkeys this is not recommended. This animal is only left in a cage, but we can take pictures and videos.

After being satisfied playing with animals, I entered the Magic Village or the Dwarf House. In there are several dwarf humans and their houses. These dwarves are very cute they wear clothes with hats like a story in a fairy tale.




These dwarves are very friendly, if we like we can give them a little tip.

Cimory Dairyland is very crowded with visitors, the place is very interesting and is interested by many people. They are willing to come far from various cities just to enjoy the beauty of this place. On the other hand, this place has a very interesting and soothing view. There is a small river with a stream of water that soothes the heart, really suitable for unwinding.




The weather at that time was very cloudy before it really rained heavily. So it doesn't feel too hot when walking. In addition, we can also ride an odong odong car. This car includes facilities to pick up passengers to the parking lot, because the place is quite far if you only walk. I think this is very good because it makes it easier for passengers to get to their destination. We only need to pay as sincerely as possible.


At the exit there is also a shop that provides by, many snacks sold here such as cow's milk, and other specialties.

After being satisfied walking and shopping, I continued my journey to find accommodation. Because it's getting late so I have to hurry.

Thank you for reading my post, hopefully someday I can visit again. If you have free time, don't forget to stop by CIMORY DAIRYLAND. See you …….


Dwi Purwandari

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Thank you

I have ever heard about this place, but can not visited yet

Hope you can visit it in the near future