Travel Digest #962

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Hi everyone! It's @LivingUKTaiwan here with the weekend edition of the #TravelDigest. Our haveyoubeenhere and pinmapple community is going from strength to strength, and yesterday exceed 600 subscribers!! Thanks everyone for your support.

All featured posts are visible on the Editors Choice Map and upvoted by @pinmapple, @blocktrades, @theycallmedan and the curation trail. For more travel digests check out #traveldigest.

Our winners today 🍍

🥇 Tour de Slovenia - Logarska Valley (Grohot mountain pasture) / Part III by @crazy-andy

The trail itself is descenting for the first 10 minutes so you are wondering if you are on the right way, but don't worry you are. Soon you came to not very steep hill which you have to beat to come to the end point and your reward. I suggest your reward is some of the delicious typical Slovenian dishes they offer at mountain lodge there.In total we needed only about 35 minutes as it is about two kilometres distance. Nice walk for families as well. You will see some cows on the way and air was fresh that day which was just perfect to escape summer city hotness.

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🥈 Vintage train ride through the tropics, Cairns, Australia- Travel #60 by @vegoutt-travel

My favourite part of the train journey was crossing in front of Barron Falls and peering over Barron Gorge. It offers some of the most stunning views that I've ever seen. It is almost like gazing directly into a magazine. The train stops briefly at Barron Falls so that you can take some of those Instagram photos. I was actually really surprised at how few people were enjoying the opportunity to get off the train. I found the same thing in Alaska, people don't seem to want to get up off their seat even for a few minutes to actually take in the wonder of a place. It's a shame really.

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This is the city of Pula ...... in the colder part of the year, when all Tourists are long gone. The photograph was taken in January, COVID-19 was still one of the many distant news that don't raise concerns, so this empty atmosphere isn't here because of the pandemic, this is just the ordinary Pula in winter ...

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Honorable Mentions

  • Hike, Montana, USA by @sjarvie5
  • Zoo, Targu Mures, Romania by @erikah
  • Island, Palawan, Philippines by @trangbaby
  • Garden, Canary Islands, Spain by @katiefreespirit
  • Island, Ammouliani, Greece by @bitcome
  • Castle, Bojnice, Slovakia by @photoparadise
  • Market, Wuhan, China by @mitashen
  • Camping, Vauclerc, France by @martibis
  • City, La Paz, Bolivia by @bimaladevi
  • Resort, Cebu, Philippines by @jmauring
  • Winery, Stellenbosch, South Africa by @sharker

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      Thanks @livinguktaiwan, it's a pleasure again, to get honourable mention.

      Thanks. The link above says Washington, this hike is in Montana. Thought that would be important if people were interested in this beautiful and less explored state.

      You're absolutely right Sara, thanks for that. Have corrected now.

      I was looking at route 15 to the right of the pin and thought that was the border line, but of course state borders are straight lines. Learn something new every day! 😀

      Hey thank you very much for choosing my post as a top of the day.
      That is amazing!
      Congratulations to the other winners and participants as well...

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      Thanks for mentioning! :)

      Hey guys,

      I would just like to point out one thing which I noticed.

      Firstly I would like to say that I am grateful for every extra curation and I believe @Pinmapple is one of the best projects here on Hive and Travel digest offers amazing read!

      We all know that daily winners get support from @pinmapple @theycallmedan and @blocktrades.
      All good and usually it is like that, but there are exceptions like my post which was the winner of Travel Digest #962.
      I recieved upvotes from @pinmapple and @theycallmedan, but recieved downvote from @blocktrades.
      I noticed that account @blocktrades downvotes all post which are upvoted by other account @ranchorelaxo for about half of his value. There are exceptions, like if @blocktrades gave an upvote before @ranchorelaxo. I don't know the story behind, but wanted to point that out if you have any suggestion of how to resolve that in order to get fair system.

      Again I am grateful for all the support which I get from this project as it is really enormous, but still I think it is right to point it out for discussion.

      For example;
      I recieved upvote from @ranchorelaxo in value of about 3$ and downvote from @blocktrades in value of about 1.5$ insted of upvote of about 5$. Total difference is 6.5$ if you deduct @ranchorelaxo vote it is still 3.5$ less.

      Your account recieved upvotes from both @blocktrades and @ranchorelaxo on this post (Travel Digest #962).

      Please don't get me wrong, being greedy as that is not the case here.

      Keep it up guys and wish you all a very good day!

      Hey @crazyandy, apologies for not responding earlier.

      We understand this is something blocktrade does to counterbalance ranchorelaxo curation, but we don't have the full story behind it, so it is not targetted at users specifically. That's very important for people to understand. It seems that these counter measures are random and doesn't happen for all users even if ranchorelaxo upvoted before blocktrades. We understand it's not a nice experience for users and unfortunate that users are caught in the process, but it's something that is out of our control as everyone is free to adjust reward payments as they see fit.

      The team will discuss this to see if/what we can/should do. Thank you for raising it.

      Sure, I understand that. Hopefully you will still be able to figure something out for the future...

      Thank you for responding and hopefully see you soon in another Travel Digest :)