Camping by the Lake While Enjoying Nature and the Sunrise

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Hello Travel and Pinmapple friends wherever you are, I'm very happy to be back to share posts with you here.

This is the story of our journey on an adventure agenda and camping by the lake. This is quite a pleasant moment for everyone who has the opportunity to camp near the lake. Takengon, Central Aceh, can be said to be the center of natural tourism destinations in the province of Aceh.

A number of tourist sites continue to grow with the emergence of new tourist spots managed by local residents. Several strategic locations on the shores of the lake have been made into natural tourist spots. They are also developing a tent rental service business and camping areas.

In this area, or rather Jl. Lake Tracks, Bintang, Mendale, Kec. Kebayakan, Central Aceh District, Aceh 24519. Passing here, we can enjoy beautiful views of the exotic lake area with local wisdom. This lake area is very suitable and we can use it for camping.

One of the providers of camping services on freshwater lakes is Mepar Camping. They provide camping facilities by the lake for tourists. There is a land area specifically reserved for camping.

They provide facilities such as tents, mattresses, food, and out bond services. In this camping area there are also a number of public facilities such as a large parking area, toilets and mushalla. The area in the Mepar Camping area can be said to be safe and comfortable.

In this area they have a team that is ready to help and guide tourists while in the camping area. To go to this camping area only takes about 10 minutes from the city center and through a good asphalt road. But you need to be careful when heading to the camping area, because this area is on the edge of the lake, from the road you have to go down, you have to be careful when driving.

Camping here can be rented anytime, but it's busiest on weekends, if you don't like crowds, Monday-Friday can be a good time to camp here. We camp independently, namely by only renting tent facilities in this camping area. The cost of renting a tent is usually IDR 100K which fits 4 people.

Another fee that needs to be paid is the cost of a parking ticket starting from IDR 10K to IDR 20K. If you need firewood and electricity, you can order from them at a cost of around IDR 50K. On certain days the fee may vary, depending How can you offer negotiation.

As for food, we brought it ourselves after buying from the market. See what we can do at night? start camp at nightfall and all friends should have arrived. Evenings will be fun if we play with the campfire and grill the sosil over the coals.

The atmosphere at night by the lake is very cold, you can see how cold steam and mist comes out of the water in the lake. It's really very cold, so it would be better if we bring thick jackets and blankets if camping here. Spending the fifth night huddled in front of a campfire while enjoying the beautiful nature and cool air.

When it's morning, immediately rush to get up, don't stay long in the tent, otherwise, we will miss precious moments that morning. Open the tent window and rush outside to enjoy the fresh air around the lake. When you know that morning will come, sit by the lake while enjoying the sunrise.

The orange-red color comes out on the eastern horizon, we can see the beautiful reflection of the light on the sidelines of the mountains of the Gayo highlands. Then the reflection of the red color when the sun starts to appear will be clearly seen reflected in the lake water. Morning will be a cool day with natural scenery and the sun rising on the eastern horizon, very enjoyable isn't it?

That is my post about my exercises visiting shows. I am very happy to be able to share this article with you, I hope you like my weekend story. I appreciate your support and empathy for my posts ♥️

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Category Travel, Adventure, Nature

Location Takengon


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This place looks beautiful. It's great that they offer a tent rental service, for those who want to live the experience but do not have all the equipment. And that sunrise has incredible colors. Im glad for you!

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