Travel and Food : Enjoying Extra Spicy Meatballs With Exotic Natural Scenery Sensations

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The store is called Bakso Mercon Barupi. Firecrackers is the name of the menu, which is mostly spicy, like the shop's name. There are numerous varieties of meatballs available. The menu of meatball lava and meatball firecrackers is the most popular and sought-after by visitors. The menu quickly became a popular item in the shop. We sit on the terrace on the second floor of the shop, which faces the highway, and the space is straightforward, resembling a meatball stand. Seats without chairs go directly to the floor, which is patched. A safe place to park a car is also the soccer field next to the shop.

I want to talk about food travel activities this time. The narrative of my trip to Takengon can be found in this. I discovered a restaurant that offers a variety of meatball options. Recently I just visited a culinary that became famous online. Bius village is in the Central Aceh district's Silih Nara subdistrict.

Due to its proximity to the highway and the Silihnara District Police, the location is simple to reach. The popular meatball stall has been visited by a lot of these meatball hunters, including officials from Central Aceh and influencers in the region. How could they not? Meatballs that taste great and aren't too expensive make visitors and meatball fans forget about going there and trying them. Since so many people come to the meatball, the place is often full until a mat is set up in the field next to the stall for people who don't get a spot inside. The flavor of the meatballs at the Basko Barumpi stall is also distinct from that of other meatball stalls.

They are chewy and taste like meat, with 80% meat and 20% flour, and the flavor and aroma of the seasoning are also very distinct, making you want to go back even if you have only tried them once. My friend and I ordered meatballs with no sauce and lava meatballs. As I mentioned earlier, this meatball at this stall is distinct from other meatballs because the meatball menu lacks creations with a sprinkling of sesame seeds and sauce. In addition, when compared to other meatballs in general, the gravy meatballs have a medium size.

Additionally, the original sauce already has a spicy aroma and appearance. These meatballs are made in a different way than other meatballs. The broth retails for Rp.15,000.00 for each servingNot to mention the spice-packed lava meatballs, which are absolutely delicious. Large and small lava meatballs are available. The price for small lava meatballs, which are the same size as meatball sauce, is Rp.20,000 for each servingSmall meatballs, round chilies, chopped chilies, and sauce are contained within the large lava meatballs, which are roughly the size of a hand wash .

This enormous Lava meatball costs Rp.35,0000.00. The most interesting thing about these lava meatballs is that they are served not in a cone but in a special hot container made of iron that is cooked on the stove and delivered directly to the customer without being moved to another location. In the image I took, the container has wood covering the bottom. The sauce, which is made in a bowl, is served with the lava meatballs. Additionally, knives, empty plates, and spoons are provided for splitting large lava meatballs. We poured the sauce from the bowl into a hot container with the lava meatballs to make it taste even better. The large lava meatballs are then split open and prepared for consumption.

Drinks are also on the menu, in addition to the meatball menu. We ordered lemon tea drinks with ice. at a cost of Rp.10.000.00 for each cup. The creations containing basil seeds and jelly give the lemon tea drink an even more youthful appearance and flavor. Our total expenditure was Rp. 85,0000.00. The food in this region is delicious, and I highly recommend that you go there. I also want to try other menu options at other times.

I appreciate your attention and support.

Thanks, @ponpase

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