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Hello Travel and Pinmapple friends, may God always bless us all. I am very happy to be back to share posts about travel activities.

As I have said and often say in various posts that I have published, the city of Takengon is popular with a cold climate area with rows of Gayo mountains which are geographically on the Gayo plateau.

If we look at the map, it appears that the town of Takengon, which is part of the district of Central Aceh, is at the foot of Mount Lauser. Hence, there are many natural tourist objects that can be visited in this Gayo highland area.

A number of natural attractions are a tourist attraction, because the natural conditions here are very beautiful and the air is cool. We can find from extraordinary tourist visits to visits to the simplest tourist spots.

Here we can find a number of tourist destinations that are very easy to reach by vehicle. There are many tourist sites that can be the most ideal choice for a vacation by enjoying natural scenery full of sensation and beauty while getting life lessons about local culture and wisdom.

But not only can you find nature tourism in the city of Takengon, along with progress in the field of tourism and entertainment, now we can also find a number of new spots such as rides for games. We can find one of the LUNGUNDI PARK rides in the Jalan Lintang Mampak area, jalan latitude, Jl. Sengeda Kec. Kebayakan, Central Aceh, or to be precise, is on Jalan behind Pertamina (a place for refueling vehicles).

LUNGUNDI PARK is one of the new tourist destinations that provides spots for rides. This is a tourist destination in Central Aceh that provides rides for children to adults to play and spend their free time enjoying and full of challenges.

Lungundi Park is one of the current tourist locations that is being hit in the Takengon area, especially for young people and children. Lungundi Park can be used as a game center that brings missions and challenges. Apart from this being a family-friendly amusement ride, they offer several rides that are full of challenges and seem to be fun enough for all ages.

Lungundi Park is one of the new tourist attractions and hits in the city of Takengon, they are open every day but they schedule it at different hours. All day from Monday - Sunday you should be able to start visiting at 15:00 WIB - 22.00 WIB GMT+7.

The ontang-anting or hanging swing is one of the most popular rides that guests hunt for, because we can enjoy the swing that is rotated up to 360 degrees which brings us to desires and sensations that are full of challenges while releasing stress by screaming. Meanwhile, wave rides, restraints, boat rides in small ponds for children, expanding houses, are also favorite choices for children and youth.

Apart from enjoying the excitement of the rides, don't forget to try the various culinary delights that line up near the entrance to Lungundi Park. In the food court area they provide a wide selection of street food-style food and drinks at affordable prices.

In this area there are also a number of other public facilities, such as a parking area, mushalla and toilets. This area gives the impression of entertainment and comfort for tourists and guests who visit the game rides.

There are also several other interesting rides that are no less exciting, which can be enjoyed by paying an entrance ticket of IDR 10K. Here we can enjoy game rides or maybe just spend the weekend in this cool city by relaxing while spending time with missions and challenges. .

I hope everyone will be careful while they are on the playground and the management will prioritize safety for all guests. At least re-checking and maintaining game rides is important to do regularly.

I am very happy to be able to share this article with you, I hope you like my weekend story. I appreciate your support and empathy for my posts ♥️

I am very happy to be able to share this article with you, I hope you like my weekend story. I appreciate your support and empathy for my posts ♥️


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Wow, I was delighted with the carousel in the first photograph. In my country we don't have these carousels 😕 or at least not as far as I know. I hope one day I can visit this place ❤️

A colorful park with rainbown color for everything. 😍 Thank you for your sharing.