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Thank you so much. I am very much appreciated.

Very interesting!
I see a statue of Buddha in the photo!

Yes, so many interesting things that I saw on my journey. Did not expect to pass by a church in China.

Wow.. it's amazing to see that you've travelled to loads of places .. how do u fund ur travels?? It's good to do the things we love cause one day, when we can't do it, we won't regret.

Things that we want to do, we need to find the time and money to do. I like to travel and so I save money on it. This particular trip is like back-packing and mostly we stay in hostels to save money.

Where is it next trip gonna be after pandemic..?? Next time maybe u can make a YouTuber channel... Backpacking is great... How much is ur normal budget for each trip??

I actually plan to go to Peru in 2021 but had to postpone due to pandemic.

WOW... you are a real adventurer.. It makes me want to read that book you have introduced in this book. Do write more about your adventures.. it's great to meet you. Have a great Sunday.

Thank you. I loved to travel. Most of the time I travel on my own and do not join tours. The book is in the form of a travelogue, I wished that I can write that well.

Same here. I also usually do some research and just go with the flow.. it is more fun than with tours. I have been with tours Long ago... Very rushed and always go to places where the tour guide gets commission. 😀😀😀 And waiting for ppl takes a long long time.

Agree with you. They always bring us shopping (where you correctly point out to earn commission) and we end up not having enough time for sightseeing. I remember I joined a tour to Taiwan many years back, they brought us to the tea house and to buy mushrooms. By the time, we reached the Sun Moon Lake, it was already dark and we did not manage to see anything.

I've always wanted to do the Trans-Siberian Railway since I saw it on a TV program, I shall be following this with interest.

This was on my bucket list for quite a number of years before I finally went. It is worth it.

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Thank you very much @livinguktaiwan
You have made my day. I will put in more effort in my writing.