Departing to Kuala Lumpur, in Transit For Istanbul

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As I was telling on previous post that my family and I would travel to Istanbul, Turkey. After staying one day at Ayani Hotel in Banda Aceh, we departed from Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport to Kuala Lumpur, transit there and proceeded to Istanbul at night. 

Sultan Iskandar Muda is the only international airport in Aceh Province of Indonesia. It’s located in Blang Bintang Sub-district. The history of the airport started before the independent day of Indonesia. 

>Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport was built by the Japanese Government in 1943. At that time, the airport has a runway 1400 metres long and 30 metres wide in the form of the letter T from the South end lengthwise from east to west.Wikipedia.

Times goes, and finally the airport got big renovation after being hit by earthquake and tsunami in 26 December 2004. And fortunately, the renovation has made the airport getting built bigger and modern with a new 3000-metre runway for wide-body aircraft.


Of course we are so excited to have the international airport in our province. Moreover, we’ve won the title of World’s Best Airport for Halal Travellers in the World Halal Tourism Awards 2016.Source.

To Buy Some Roti O

Before departing to Kuala Lumpur, my kids bought some bread of Roti O at the airport. Roti O tenant is just close to the gate of international departure area. 

Buying some snacks and drinks is a good relaxation before departing. In some extent, sometime we got a bit nervousness before flying. And it was the first time long flight were taken by my kids. The journey would be from Banda Aceh to Kuala Lumpur, and then we continue flying to Istanbul. 

After handing the Roti O, my kids just went back to our seat. We were waiting for about one hour before the time of checking in and boarding. 

After checking in, we went to immigration check. Everything was smooth, and then we proceeded to boarding room. We took AirAsia for flight to Kuala Lumpur. I took about 1 hour and 30 minutes to arrive in Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2. 

On Arrival at KLIA 2 International Airport

Upon arriving at KLIA 2 International Airport, we were just in hurry to take the airport train KLIA Express to KLIA 1 terminal. We would take Turkish Airline for our flight to Istanbul. 

When we arrived at KLIA 1 terminal, we did checking in process. We traveled to Istanbul by taking Turkish Airline. The flight was direct flight and it would be so long journey. 

It would take about 11 hours flight from Kuala Lumpur to Istanbul. My wife and kids looked pretty nervous to take that long flight. I get used to take some long flights, such as Jakarta-Doha and continued to Roma, Jakarta-Sydney and Jakarta-Tokyo. However, the flight of Kuala Lumpur-Istanbul was my first longest flight I have taken. 

The process of checking in was done perfectly. We still have time about 3 hours before flight, so we went to food court to have some dinner. My kids would love to have some meals. 

Dinner Dishes Before Flying

My kids ordered Nasi Kandar Amin Maju. It’s Malaysian cuisines. 

My son enjoyed so much the rice. It was good and delicious meal. It’s much more nasi lemak with fried chicken. That’s okay. 

He have the dinner dish with love. For sure, we need to eat some food before a long flight though we could enjoy inflight meals later.

Finally, we did checkin process. It was so smooth, and then we walked to boarding area. We were waiting our flight by Turkish Airline. 

It was really great trip. They journey was pretty long. From Banda Aceh to Kuala Lumpur and then, from Kuala Lumpur to Istanbul. 

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It was a long trip, I will be glad to see your posts and photos of Istanbul, it is a city with a lot of charm and history.

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