Adventures in Abundances : Exploring the Kedar Valley [Bhairav/ Nature /Food]

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The magic of putting the effort and reaching to the target is that we will forget all the pain and suffering in achiciving the target. Same thing happened to me when we succefully trek to the top to the kedar valley. The lord was in front of us while our tiring legs already got a new lease of life. I was not feeling tired at all and found myself full of energy. May be it was the miracle of the divine power or something else. I was in completelly different mood. This made me to explore every bit of it on the same day.


Kedarnath valley is very small uphill area surrounded by snowclapped mountain. The areas receive heavy snowfall during winter, which makes this place unaccssible during winter. Even the idol were shifted to ukhimath a place down the hill in Utrakhand. After making to the valley region, I was too excited to explore the place. On the other hand my nephews were given up for the day, I kept insisting them to take a tour around the place. Being our first time visit and also we have less time to spend. Moreover, the weather on top is unexpected and a sudden downpour may spoil our trek adventure. One can expect frequent rainfall at any time.


After offering prayers and offers in the main temple we were left with many hours in hand. While my nephews were in favour of resting, I was planning to visit Kaal Bhairav or Bhairavnath temple.

Bhairavnath Temple or Bhairon Baba Mandir is situated south of the Kedarnath temple on the eastern hill of the lofty Himalayas of Uttarakhand

It is said that, whosoevr is visiting Kedernath temple, they must visit the Bhairav Nath Temple, else the pligrimiage remain incomplete. Bhairsvnath temple is dedicated to Bhairavthe fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva associated with destruction and devastation


Bhairava is considered the Kshetrapal (area commander) of Kedarnath Dham who protects whole Kedar Valley during winter when Kedarnath Mandir is closed. located a little on the upper side. I guess it was 1.5 KM more trekking on the hills. Anyhow we have to make to that place and after continous insisting my nephews too accompanied me to the temple. Again it was the same story, they were too tired to move their legs while in the mean time, I made to the top.


It was not a big temple, however the small structure was beutified with some breathtaking green mountains at the backdrop. I liked the view. This temple is not as big as thr main temple nether it was crowded. But it is bit sliparrt, die to oil which is offered to the the bhairav baba. There was a huge bells hanged at the entrace gate. The sound of which echoes in the entire region.


Being situated at a height, if was a perfect place to take a complete view of the area. While the place is good to get the landscape of the areas. Including the mountains and Himalayan ranges it also showcases the devastation caused by the 2013 flash floods.



The renovation of the places is cardied at a rapid pace. From the top we could see the entire kedar valley as well as the temple situated in the middle. Looking at the development work, one can easily estimate the amount of loss the area faced durungnthe falsh flod time. When the entire area was swept away. And boukders of every sizes were spread all over the place.


As the temple is still standing, it adds worth visiting the place. People make use of the trek to enjoy the nature, made some adventure and also to experince the divine power present in the area. Every angle form the topnis awesome. The Bhairav temple is an open space right on the edge.


Here are some of the picture I took after offering prayers and my respect to the bhairav baba.






While getting down from the temple I explored little more of the place. I found these two little colourful flower. They were very small.l in size but blossomed in abundance all over the place making it too attractive.



While I was trying to capture each and everything, my nephew were calling me insane. But I was jn a differrnt zine and just wanted to capture the moments as much as possible. It is not that we make it to such places very often. It took me so many years to make my first visit. And now I don't want to miss out on getting everything captured. The Stine towers up on the hills is a lerfect example. Everyone wants to leave some kind of train behind, to make their presence known.





We get downn no time, thanks to some.vright sunshine in the afternoon, I was not feeling cold , untill inreach to the hotel. Why this everytime that whenever we gives up on our body, it started to feel differently. I realised I was not eaten anything. While nephews already had their lunch while trekking. I went out again for my lunch at 5PM. Luckily I got some food of my choice.


Chappati, Fried potatoes and lentils. This food costs me $2 and was enough to give me further energy. I also took a glass of warm milk later to relax my tiring body. It was good experince and option of having our regular food available at such an height.

After an hour of rest, again we moved out toothed Kedarnath temple compound to make to the crowded time.of evening prayers.


Chants and hymns were echoing the place and everyone was busy in their mobile to share the glimpse to their loved ones back at far off home. I made too but same time was relieved and feeling the presence of divine power even in the crowd. It was a good fruitful day and we happen to explore every bit of it, even with the tiring legs, before ending the day early. We went to our hotel and soon asleep. for next day leaving the heaven.

Hope you understood why the place is always referred with divine power. My trekking was too adventurous How I get here ?

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PS: All photographs are mine


Namaste @steemflow

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Hello dear friend @steemflow good morning

Setting goals in life can be easy, the difficult thing is to achieve them and that requires a lot of commitment and a great effort and overcoming all the adversities that arise.

What a beautiful place to walk and learn about the traditions there - beautiful shots, I appreciate you sharing this visiting experience and the beautiful photographs
have a beautiful morning

requires a lot of commitment and a great effort and overcoming all the adversities

completelly agree to this...but if one does that than nothing is sweaterr than it....the trek was similar. at such a peak height and walking 22 km requires lot of effort and character.

Thanks you so much u liked it

Wonderful place. Cloud and hill environment looks so amazing. Have a good day!

it was like walking in the clouds....on the way, the clouds were passing though our face and it felt so nice

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Those views are absolutely breathtaking, when I saw the fourth picture I felt.... I felt nothing in front of such grandeur, and the mountains look majestic.

What traditions, what colours, the bells, the scarves, everything a beauty. Thank you @steemflow 😃 I said before..the view is mesmerizing from.all the is hard to put that experince in words....or may be it is my weakness too

I know there are no words to express the greatness and wonder of something, you just have to be there and feel it.

I wanted you to check this song: it was shot in the same location, we went through same route, the movie was made after the flash flood

It's an impressive route! What a great crossing, beautiful! I loved the song! Thanks❤️

Yes....that what I wanted you to are not able portray much better

And live it must be an even greater experience!
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you always discover me :) with some amazing support....thanks you :)

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Wonderful trek ! Discovered a lot of beautiful landscapes and sceneries here :)

Thank you for sharing dear @steemflow !

It is not sort of any is very picturesque....regretting not to carry a good camera to capture more.

This is the clear impression it left me :)

regretting not to carry a good camera to capture more.

I understand that very well, its always when you have a good outing that you didn't bring your camera 😅

Have a great weekend @steemflow ✌️

Yes...capturing the natural.landscape with mobile is a kind to insult to that place...

I 100% agree ! What type of camera do you use ?

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this made my day :) too early to even believe this.... thanks you so much :)