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What a wonderful trip, mountain trekking has also become my new passion.

What beautiful photos, you made the most of the trip at its best, I like your reflections they are full of wisdom.

How good or you had money to pay for a carrier which is not a luxury but a necessity, it is good to know our capabilities and limitations, the mountain makes us humble.

I would also be proud of such a trip, I congratulate you, you transmit to me all your happiness. @thestrollingmind 🥰

How sweet of you @soyunasantacruz 💙 I'll be looking forward for your mountaineering activities posts too 😊

My pleasure to share my reflections and realizations, and taking a carrier service is also a way of helping the locals earn a living. At first, I pity myself but somehow was happy bec I helped the man carrying my bag feed his family. 💙

Woooooow! As in wooooow! While I was reading, na feel nako nga ga hike sad ko 💕 plus the photos, they are just amazingly amazing ✨

Thank you Han 😊 hopefully makasabay ta adventure puhon !

My pleasure taking you to Mt Apo virtually 😊

Very proud for surviving you first major climb, Kim!! And moneyka gihapon in the end, diba? I love your reflections here. Agree kaayo. So where to next? 😁

Thank you jud kaayu ninyu sa SMS Sal 💚 ang monyeka na haggardo hahah.

What town to stroll next? Aheem aheem @ybanezkim26 🤔

It's a great suggestion... to pick a goal for motivation :)

Hmmmmm... I may use that to get me going again in some areas.

Well done, sister! That looks like a great adventure!

It's always a great way to keep going sis 💙 Thank you much 😊

Really well explained. We should try our best to get what we want.

Exactly @swagatoroy 💙 thanks for dropping by :)
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OMG you are so brave! I can see that’s a life changing experience!! I love the adventure that you’ve shared with us and the pictures! The landscape is simply amazing! Thanks a lot for this!

Thank you @belug 💙 my pleasure bring you to the place I strolled virtually 😊

My breakout role as a mukbanger of wild berries! More airtime next time madiii! 😂

Dapat di jud ka mag una una madiii para more airtime haha

Next katkat madiii! Collab na this

Wow what a wonderful experience you had. It's never easy to climb the peak of Mt. Apo but eventually you succeed. Just like in life, taking smaller steps to reach our dreams could possibly make a big difference. Thanks for sharing how wonderful it is to be on top of the mountain. It's very fulfilling.

Thanks @selflessgem it was very humbling experience:)

This is awesome! !LUV it @thestrollingmind!

Hey! Here's another mountain we could go climb @new.things... if we ever get to The Philippines!! !LOL

Thank you @consciouscat and @luvshares if you're into mountains, you can definitely check Philippines peaks, in the future 💚

I see you're quite new to Hive. Welcome!

I should tell you that I, consciouscat, am a human. (Not a cat 😂)

But luvshares is a bot whose whole job is to hand out "LUV" tokens when asked by people who have enough LUV "in the bank", so to speak.

So you'll probably soon start to see more and more bots around the place. If this is the first one you've seen then starting with love/luv is a really good start ;)

We all need to learn to live with our mistakes.
Which is why I still live with my parents.

Credit: reddit
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Mt. Apo had always been my ultimate dream. I was supposed to climb last year but my spine injury recurred last year so yeah, setting this aside for the time being. Skimming through your post makes me so happy and excited for the time when I'll finally explore Apo myself! Sooon! :)

Ohw sorry to know about your spine @patsitivity , but I know there are always time for everything and a perfect-timing 💙

Hope to see your Mt Apo post in the future and don't forget to tag me up 😉

Amazing thoughts! The climb was difficult for sure for you to have these thoughts but you made it! That's really awesome! The photos that you took with you are really awesome, something to keep for the future!

Thank you @wittyzell , it was indeed so challenging that I couldn't stop my thinking about any thoughts to divert the struggles 💙

Damn, what a hike you had there, girl! Such a lesson for all of us especially since I often think of some possible trips in the mountains but then I am like "yeah, but I'll never reach the peak because my body is so weak after having COVID twice!". But in the end, it's just in our heads and if we really want to do something, we will succeed!

Woow you're the bravest @gabrielatravels ! COVID isn't a joke . Just always believe in yourself gurl!

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Thank you much @joydukeson 💙 so sweet for sharing 💚

Hey there! First off, let me just say that I'm sorry to hear that you've been feeling languishing. I know what that's like and it's no fun. But let me tell you, climbing Mt. Apo sounds like the adventure of a lifetime! It's awesome challenge and great to push your limits.

Yeah, life isn't a race. Sometimes it's so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and forget to take a step back and appreciate the beauty around us.

All in all, it sounds like you had an amazing experience that you'll never forget. I hope that feeling of motivation and inspiration sticks with you for a long time to come!

Thank you @thespacebetween this is such a lovely comment , and thanks for believing in me. I will keep the motivation forever 💙

Hermoso lugar, y sobre todo veo mucha seguridad, mucha vegetación, y los exploradores todos felices, gracias a nuestro Dios por hacer de este planeta un lugar hermoso, gracias por tu post

¡Fue una creación maravillosa! Gracias por venir @larryparra

That was a worth-it climbs after all so proud of you!

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Congratulations on your climb 🙌 Have you summited many mountains?

I love the pictures of the nature :) But maybe the one that made me smile the most was the stuffed van. I think maybe you could've gotten another pencil or two in there 🤣?

Thank you @wrestlingdesires ! Yep I have summitted many mountains but this one is my very first major climb- so I struggled a lot.

Yeah! the van driver is so talented at piling our bags so neatly amazingly 😄

Love your adventure, show a lot of detail. I'm sorry to hear that you've recently experienced some difficult circumstances in Cebu. When faced with challenging circumstances, it's totally reasonable to feel overwhelmed or unclear of how to proceed. Keep in mind that it's acceptable to take some time to analyze your feelings and care for yourself. At trying times, it's critical to be kind and patient with yourself.

Thank you @mich.brmey such a lovely words from you :)

woow very nice my friend .this trek is really memorable for you i am sure .
i really enjoyed it alot .thanks for sharing these photographs .keep it up .

thank you my friend :)