,, La Trei Brazi,,( At Three Fir Trees) the place where I made my first hike when I was a child

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,, La Trei Brazi,,( At Three Fir Trees) the place where I made my first hike when I was a child


Hello everyone

The weekend that just passed was one in which I didn't make too many plans, and because most of the week was chaotic and I seemed to want some quiet time.

But at one point, even if I was at home, I felt like going somewhere, I just wanted to get in the car and leave without a specific destination.

I had plenty of solutions but after considering all the options, which I have to admit I wasn't in the mood to drive many miles, I came to a conclusion.

I remembered a place that I had not visited for over 20 years (honestly I was not even sure if it still exists), I remember that the last time I was here was when I was a student at school in the village, then one of the teachers who was also a priest in the village organized a hike on the hills here.

I remember those moments fondly, I was very excited to go on a hike with my backpack on my back (I still laugh because in my backpack I had a bottle of water and a sandwich made by my mother) and it was the last one I did while I was a student (my teacher retired and his age didn't allow such hikes anymore).

The place I want to go with you today has the popular name "La Trei Brazi".

I did the same now as I did when I was a student, I packed my own backpack (in which I only put some water and drones of course) and set off.

The location is not very far it is only a few kilometers from where I live.

I have to admit that working at a desk and sitting in a chair gives me a bit of a headache and from time to time a hike is welcome.

Today's hike started at the bottom of the hill with an easy climb on a carpet of leaves, autumn here in Romania is magical it is full of colour and shows us the slow process of falling asleep until spring.







After the first few hundred meters you can see somewhere in the distance where I want to go, we have to cross the hill we are on and climb the next hill to our destination, the scenery is magnificent.



In such a landscape we couldn't help taking dozens of pictures.




The distance to the destination was supposed to be around 2,5kilometers, but because at one point we got lost the distance increased even more.



We realized we were not on the right route when we came out on a hill and saw only vineyards and somewhere to the left we could see the Three Trees.




Very quickly we are back on the right track and not even after 15 minutes we see the three trees in their splendor.






























The first contact with this place was a reverie, a reminder of my last hike here, my goodness what memories.








I spent some time here admiring the beauty of these trees (I think they are over a hundred years old) but also the beauty of the landscape we had, 360 degrees, wherever you looked you saw a spectacular panorama.














A few hundred photos later and after a few drone flights it was time to head home again, I hope this hike of ours has delighted your eyes at least for a few moments.

If you liked what you saw and read here please don't forget to give a LiKe, Follow, reBlog or a Comment, for all this I thank you, and until the next post I say goodbye.

P.S. The attached pictures you have just seen are taken by me with my mobile phone and my drone, and the text is also designed by me.

Yours @triplug😉

[//]:# (!pinmapple 46.11236 lat 21.60310 long ,, La Trei Brazi,,( At Three Fir Trees) the place where I made my first hike when I was a child d3scr)


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Thank you very much @lizanomadsoul.

What a lovely place for a walk! I would probably collect all those rosehips and I would for sure not lay down in the leaves even though I would wish I could 😂 I would be scared of all those spider under the leaves! 😂

It reminds me a bit of the region where I live now. It's kind of hilly and there are many vineyards. Really pretty!

When I was a child I used to pick a lot of rosehips and my grandmother used to make jam for me, I remember it was quite a difficult process to make jam.
We're not afraid of spiders or other small creatures, but when we saw this place we were on the lookout for snakes.
The area where I live is a well known vineyard that produces tens of thousands of litres of wine, maybe even more.
I am very good friends with the owner of the largest winery and wine producer here, from what he told me he ships wine including to Mexico, Canada, and many areas of Europe.
Honestly I missed this place so much that if time and weather allowed I decided to hike there.

I made it last year for the first time and it was such a horrible process.. but the jam was delicious! Even though you get so little from soooo many rosehips.. I don't think I will ever make it again. It was a nice experiment, but I think this is all it was 😂

Then you should go there as soon as possible again 😉

The rosehip jam is my favorite but I have encountered a problem I can't find rosehip jam as good as grandma used to make it.
I was lucky to have a neighbour who, when she was still making marjoram jam, used to give me a jar, but the neighbour is now 80 years old and can no longer cope.
And sadly, I don't have another source where I can get an authentic sweetness of rosehips from the rest of the stores, nor do I hear about it.

I don't think that there is a mass production since it's a really difficult process and the price of a glass would be horrendous to cover the expenses 😂

Maybe you need to start making your own 😉

I even looked at the supermarket to see if I could find any, but so far I haven't.
I've thought about making my own rosehip jam, but the procedure is cumbersome and, frankly, I don't have the patience for it😊

Amazing place for a hike! Glad that you found it just like you remembered it from your childhood :) Seems that you were the only people there, right? That´s exactly my kind of place, just nature and no crowds :) Also, thanks for submitting a picture from this special place to my challenge, I really appreciate it :)

I was very happy when I saw that this place is still there, and yes the area is a quiet one not many people know about it, I'm glad it stayed that way and that it is not suffocated by tourists.
When we went up there we met some locals who also visited the place, but when we got there they were already far away.
As you wrote this place is also to my kind of place.
No need to thank me, I always participate with great pleasure in the contests you launch.