Let's explore the Gorges Du Verdon | France

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A Hike down to the heart of the Gorges du Verdon,over very scary narrow paths, very steep cliffs, plenty of butterflies and stunning views. Those are a few of the beautiful experiences you will gain while visiting the Gorges du Verdon!

Sentier de L'Imbut, the most scenic hike of the Verdon


When I was reading about the Verdon area, I found this beautiful hiking trail called Sentier de L'Imbut. It might be one of the most unique trails in France. It brings you down through the heart of the Gorges du Verdon, over a path carved out of the Gorges. The path is very narrow and dangerous, but it makes it such an experience! and you can enjoy it for more than one day since you will probably have muscle pain for 3 days if your condition is like mine

The trail

I parked my car and started the trail down. The first 20 a 30 minutes went very steep down, until I reached the river and a beautiful bridge. I crossed the bridge to have a look which was beautiful, but I went back since crossing the bridge would have brought me to the wrong trail.

I sat down with my feet in the cold, refreshing water as it was a bloody hot day. Soon,the butterflies came to meet me. There were a lot of butterflies! July must be the month of butterflies there as it was still July. At first I enjoyed it, because what is more beautiful than a butterfly landing on your arm? But soon it was more like a butterfly army. They were really funny though but I don't like them so much in my eyes.



I kinda seemed to attract those butterflies! Don't mind my face haha

I followed the path which was easy, it goes the same direction as the river and so deep down the Gorge there aren't any other ways here than straight forwards.



The path leads through the Canyon showing those beautiful sights along the way*



The river in the heart of the canyon looks really tempting for a swim, but be careful and don't swim. Many people have died here due to the strong current

In memory of someone's loved one who has died, but also a good reminder to the dangers

After a short while, the normal trail stopped and the trail became a path carved out of the walls of the Gorges with at the side some place to hold. It was extremely steep and if you would fall down you wouldn't be happy, or at some parts of the trail probably not even alive. I enjoy those kinda exciting hikes and hiking alone, but I understand that it would probably be wiser to walk together with someone in case something happens. However, I would definitely do this hike alone again if I would be nearby probably even on slippers again



This trail is the perfect trail if you wanna murder someone and make it look like an accident

I used my 360 camera to take some cool selfies. I really love this little camera. I should definitely use it more!


After those scenic roads carved out the Gorges, the trail was guiding me back up. And the trail was steep! Very very steep and my legs were suffering. I'm from Holland but after being quite a lot in the mountains I thought I was fine with it but my legs disagreed. It is always a nice reminder that I should start working out or hike more mountains just a reminder, always planning to start workouts but never came further than planning


At some point there was even a stair to climb



The path up was in some places quite hard to find. I once missed the path at the end and was kinda lost, and started walking back and soon I saw where I missed the trail. The paths aren't that obvious at this part of the trail and there are no signs. But if you look twice, it should be alright.

When I finally reached the road, I crossed it and followed the hiking trail at the other side of the road. I wouldn't really recommend that hike as it isn't that scenic and it is longer than walking over the main road.

When I finally reached my van, I had a small rest and drove off in the direction of the nearby lake, but not without having an hour-long coffee stop at some beautiful viewpoint along the road. I wanted to sleep there since it was amazing, but kinda needed a jump in the lake after that sweaty walk.



the view at the viewpoint



Around sunset I arrived at the lake, and jumped in pretty much right away. It is a beautiful feeling to swim at sunset, all alone in a beautiful lake and realize this is my shower, and this is life now. Those moments are so beautiful. These are the tiny moments beauty favourites while traveling. I feel grateful and thankful for those!



Thank you for passing by my blog! Do you like such adventurous hiking trails or do you rather pass this one?



An unforgettable adventure 👍💪 Definitely a well-deserved coffee and a refreshing jump in the lake! There is so much truth in your strikethrough text, I can just find myself in them 🙃🤣Enjoy your time in France

Yeah that swim especially was so nice, to was the liters of sweat away. I'm glad you enjoyed reading my story. Thank you!

Wow that's an amazing looking hike. The views are incredible. Funny that so many butterflies landed on you 😂

Oh yeah there were really a lot of butterflies!! I had never experienced that before but it was more beautiful than my face tells

Yikes put on some proper hiking shoes and save the Flippers for camp! Great views, what a wonderful hike.

Yeah I am planning to buy some better shoes for hiking, I left my sandals in Holland. I think new sandals would be a good and safe choice

That selfie photo walking on the narrow ridge, with you massive back pack in flip flops!!! You're crazy girl!!!!

Hahaha yeah I guess I like to do things my own way.
Thank you for the nomination for the Pinmapple daily! It truly is an honor and it gives me great motivation to write more! Thank you so much!

Awesome. Looks a little dangerous… hope that all those railing are well bolted.

It felt pretty tight so should be fine!

Did you make any short films here ? You should definitely create some 1 minute shorts with the YouTube app on your phone … add some fun music 🎵 … I will also subscribe to your YouTube channel.

You didn't seem to have appropriate shoes for such walk 😉 I'm glad that you managed without hurting yourself.

It looks like an amazing place. I love this kind of hikes with beautiful scenery and a bit of excitement 🙂

Have a lovely day!

Yeah hiking with such a shoes is kinda a habit since I am a child. I bought sandals but left them in Holland. Maybe it is getting time to replace them

So first, you let the butterfly army "attacks" you and even got in your eyes and then you go for this epically beautiful but super dangerous hike in flip flops. Not even mentioning that you are solo traveling in a van... Well, this girl is on fire! :D Love your adventurous soul and free spirit. Just take care please ;)

@tipu curate

No worries, I always take care (just good enough). The world is a dangerous place but life would get extremely boring when staying inside and playing everything safe. Not planning to but if I would die tomorrow I would feel like I lived a great life :)

Truly an adventure and a place to behold. 😍 The butterfly seemed to like you and it just can't leave you that easy.😊

Haha Yess they did! There were a lot of them near the river

Butterflies are friendly especially the one on your face.😊

Wow, respect that you did this hike alone, I think I would have been too much of a scaredy-cat.. but the pictures are really great! :)

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Wow, what an exciting story! I felt completely caught up in your adventure as I read about your experiences on the Sentier de L'Imbut. The idea of hiking a narrow and dangerous path in the heart of the Gorges du Verdon sounds really impressive. I can imagine the thrill and adrenaline rush you must have felt as you entered these majestic gorges.

Yeah it was! I am glad you enjoyed my little story :) thank you for passing by!

That's a place I'd like to visit one day!

I've seen the gorges of verdon in the TV series Les sept vie de lea, the gorges are so charming but look so dangerous too, must be an interesting place for hiking 💯

Yes it definitely is! I did a lot of hiking in France in my life but never encountered a hike like this before!

It must be a refreshing bath in the lake after the hike.. Stunning canyons

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Oh yeah it definitely was!

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I would love to hike on these trails. Great view and it sure looks like you had a fun time. Keep hiking! 😁

Thank you!

What an exciting hike with those narrow and steep trails. I was shocked when you said, "This trail is the perfect trail if you wanna murder someone and make it look like an accident, " I hope that's only a joke, right? 😁 Anyway, I really love your adventure and I think it'd be better for you to get some shoes. It would help your legs from suffering pain during hikes.

Just a joke! No worries! But I do think it would actually be a good place.

When butterflies come to befriend you in the midst of nature... nothing can be better than this.
As beautiful as the river looks in the photo, the trail made in the mountain looks equally dangerous. A good photo has come from 360, from this photo one is getting the idea that someone is really murdered... haha.
I liked Sunset and your van too.

We have some similar trails in Romania, including the narrow walk path close to the stone wall, but it's been a while since I felt that kind of adrenaline! Thanks for sharing a different piece of France than what most people share here <3

Ah really! If I ever make it to Romania I really hope you could recommend me some! I believe Romania has so many hidden natural surprises!

Would be my pleasure to do so! And yeah, it's quite rich when it comes to incredible spots in the nature. Too bad they are not very promoted!

I’d love to experience van life for like week or two.

This is the place I want to visit. My husband said it’s so expensive here. That means I need to work and save money to visit this place. 😁

Oh yeah France is expensive in General! On family holidays, my parents and I used to go with a tent to a campsite. It's a good way to keep it affordable!

That’s really awesome. Never tried camping here yet. But maybe when the kids are taller and will try it someday.

How old are your kids now? When I was around 4 I loved the campings already. So much outdoor space to just roam and play + the swimmingpools!

2 and 3 years old, maybe soon they will explore more of the outdoors. 😁

@xsasj Hermoso lugar, gracias por compartir😃