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RE: Haymarket Area and Darling Square , Sydney , Australia.

Awesome photos, and pretty amazing architecture. It's amazing to see the blend of old and new, from the rustic brick walls of the old market building, to that pretty funky modernist condominium. It's also pretty fascinating to see the evolution from what was once a pretty dirty and packed market for selling your agro goods, to this glass-paned district. Cheers! 😄


Thank you @zacknorman97 it is amazing two things time and technology doesn't stand still but it's nice that they left one building of the market just to remind you of the good old days 🙂

We should always have that, to keep a remnant of the past. It's like a time capsule, just to show how things were, and a reminder of how we've come.

Totally agree and i was lucky to be working there at a young age i saw a lot of the real old in them buildings that are now gone 🤔

It's the passage of time, I guess. Walking around Kuala Lumpur, I do see remnants of the time back when my dad was walking around, working on the capital as it was slowly being modernised. Such different times.

Those old school architectural building do look so much more solid with class 👍

That building is the central train station here in Kuala Lumpur, and it's one of the most recognisable highlights of the city. It's also still being used quite heavily today, and I remembered admiring the colonial architecture back when I was working downtown, hopping between trains :-D

I really do enjoy looking at old style building they just have more character and style these days it's all glass it tends to get boring and it's the lazy way out. Thanks for the info on that train station i knew for some reason it had to be a icon building of Kuala Lumpur 👍

Me, too! There's so much more character in older architecture, though I wonder if future generations would look at glass and steel structures, and say... "Wow, that's pretty cool!". I guess times change 😁