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GUESS WHAT? WE ARE ALREADY COMMUNITY! As we are more than 70 active people doing the challenge and some of us have already finished the first part of the challenge, we are looking forward to have more people engaging in it. For this reason, we created this new community where everyone can publish their entries to the #bloggingchallenge, cross-posts are also welcome here. The aim of the challenge is to give more movement to the blockchain, help authors who are struggling to with what topic to write about and most of all bring about engagement between authors.

We encourage authors to check out entries published by other authors, engage on their publications with your comments. Most importantly, build relationships as you can find other people who might just be in the same situation you are in, other people with the same self interest as yours or people who likely reason like the way we do.

We will have new curators, new activities and new questions for each month! Just log in to our SMILE server, choose the edition of your preference and start writing your posts with the #bloggingchallenge tag.

You can also support us by joining to our curation trail.

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The Images above is the part 1 and part 2 of the blogging challenge. The part 1 of the challenge is by and the part 2 is by @macchiata.

I feel that this is going to be a beautiful and fun month, full of questions to think about and write about.


-It's a free and personal challenge, feel free to skip a day, or not answer any questions.

-It doesn't have to be written in English, but we appreciate that it has at least some of it translated, as we have people from all over the world in the challenge (Nigerians, Japanese, Chinese, Venezuelans, Spanish, among others) who speak totally different languages, so English is the language we all understand and communicate openly.

-We will LOVE if you publish in this community, we will give more love to the ones who do, but you can publish where you want. Can also check the Discord server where we have some friendly communities where you can upload depending on the topic you play every day.

-It is free to interpret, the fun is to see how everyone has a different point of view.

-We appreciate the commitment to the other members of the challenge, so stop by the other posts and leave a good comment for them to know you.

My recommendation?

It's more of a secret, so shh, take a day to advance several of the topics and set up with the calendar, so that they go up by themselves at the time you want.

Click on the banner to get redirect to the server.

Take advantage that we have a new contest inside the server, if you want to know more about SMILE server or look out the terms and conditions of the contest.

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All the illustrations are created by @tripode with Adobe Illustrator.


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This is impressive, I must say. Looking forward to joining in soon

Yeeey, join the Discord to see all the resources!

Joined! 😎

¡Qué biennnnn! Estoy muy feliz por esto. Como ha crecido el pequeño challenge, ya tiene su propia comunidad jajaja. ❤️ Felicitaciones por esta idea 😃.

Muchas gracias Laura! Ya somos muchos y merecemos una hermosa comunidad!

Thanks for the mention. It's great to improve and join people! I'll be there.

Yeah it is!! We keep reading.

Wow just saw this now as I went visiting @starstrings01 blog, hope I am not too late😄😄?

Definitely, you are not. You can join at any time.

Feel free to start from any question part.

Btw, this is @starstrings01. Thanks for enquiring.

Would appreciate posting your entries in The Blogging Challenge Community and using #bloggingchallenge.

Join us on discord to share your post entry in the blogging challenge promotion channel aka bc-posts. Thanks again 🙂

Thanks for the mention.
And this is really impressive.

Thanks for the opportunity to participate

It's my pleasure. 🙂

¡Muchas graciaspor tomarme en cuenta! trataré de ponerme al día. Muchos saludos y de nuevo, gracias :D

I know I'm a little late but I'll start from Part-1.... better late than never

Love to this challenge

Thank you so much

Que alegría que el blogginchallenge haya llegado tan lejos, felicitaciones! quizás me entere tarde pero seguro jajaja agradezco por tomarme en cuenta <3 empezaré a activarme.

Nunca es tarde para comenzar! Eso es lo bueno del challenge, puedes eleir la parte que quieras e ir a tu ritmo.

Thanks for the mention, when I'm fully back, I will continue from where I stopped

Muchas gracias por "rellamarme" porque en verdad que he dejado de participar en este llamativo reto. Per, Dios mediante, hoy mismo retornaré.

¿Todavía se puede participar?

We have 4 parts now on a discord server. But yes, you can join whenever you want and whatever part you want to :D - @cwow2

Translated via google xD

Ahora tenemos 4 partes en un servidor de discordia. Pero sí, puedes unirte cuando quieras y en cualquier parte que quieras :D - @cwow2

Traducido a través de google xD