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Welcome to our daily activity report of the Blogging Challenge Community. We must say we had a great time reading your posts and we hope you all can keep engaging with us.


The posts selected on 13/4/2021 are:
Autor: @daniky
Part(e) 2 #2 Best investment you made // La mejor inversión que hiciste

Hello and welcome to my page. This is the day 2 of part 2 of my entry to the 30-day blogging challenge, an initiative of @macchiata and the #bloggingchallenge community. Kindly move on with me as i reveal to you, my best investment ever.

Autor: @yole

Blogging Challenge Part 3 - Día 27 Batallas que tengo en este momento / Day 27 Battles I have right now

Saludos, este es mi vigésimo séptimo día del Blogging Challenge Parte 3 y les comparto las batallas que tengo en este momento.

Greetings, this is my twenty-seventh day of the Blogging Challenge Part 3 and I share with you the battles I have at the moment.

Autor: @nini95

[ES-EN] ¿Me Afectan los Estereotipos?//Do Stereotypes Affect Me?

Hola mis queridos amigos de Hive, hoy es Martes que te quiero Martes (risas) iniciando con la mejor energía este nuevo y maravilloso día que Dios nos regala.

Hoy quise participar en el concurso promovido por @ starstrings01 nos invita a escribir en las comunidades de @crossculture o en @blogging-team con el fin de promover nuestra cultura es por eso que también quiero que se unan y participen Link del concurso aquí a

Autor: @soyunasantacruz

[ESP- ENG] Iniciativa: Mostrar las antigüedades que tiene en su casa - Show the Antiques that you have in your house

Objetos antiguos de mi casa - antique objects from my house

Cuantos recuerdos e historias tienen para contar las antigüedades de una casa, buscando algunos objetos antiguos para participar en la iniciativa de @eddiespino me encontré con 4 cosas que me gustaría enseñarte y contarte lo que significan en mi familia y mi historia personal.

Autor: @safiro

Stereotypes and prejudices about Venezuelan women in another country/Estereotipos y prejuicios sobre las mujeres venezolanas en otro país.

Hello friends of HIVE, today like every day I find myself participating in a new initiative, this being my first participation in the #HiveCrosCulture community, the initiative is promoted by @ starstrings01, which invites us to share our perspective of the stereotypes of our country.
Autor: @tsunsica

I WROTE MY FUTURE AS A GAME Energy refill contest- Round 16 [ENG/ESP]


I have to tell you something funny before: I can't even plan my immediate future, I traveled last week and the bus back to home was cancelled twice, just few hours before, we had to do a completely different plan; but we got here so the job was done.

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