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If you have been wondering or wanting to know what initiated or inspired the making of the Blogging Challenge Community then this post may just be the right article to read through.


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Going way to the beginning from what I know, before the community was created. It all began from a 30 days question challenge set which @cwow2 was the first person who started the challenge on Hive. Then, it was picked up by @macchiata and @wolfofnostreet. I was actually invited to join the 30 days blogging challenge question by @macchiata. you can find my first day entry here. We began inviting friends to join which was when @lauramica @officialuroga and other friends joined in.

The first blogging challenge question

What made this challenge very interesting to partake was not because of it encourages us to blog everyday but because of the engagement we had. Those times, there were not many people using the tag #bloggingchallenge so what I usually do was to go through the tag everyday to check on posts made by my friends and asides that, we do tag each other which when less busy we engage on our posts. The engagements was sweet to the bone and it gave me so much encouragement to write another question challenge.

Due to how we increased in numbers and many people were using the tag. It came to my thought that this challenge questions can be placed all in a community where authors can easily go through and engage with contents of other authors in the community.

Then, the community was created on October 29th without having any background support at hand. Before the community was created, the SMILE DISCORD SERVER had been born some days earlier. During the times when the community was new, there were not many authors publishing in the community due to no much support to the community but changes began after attaining support from @threespeak, @theycallmedan, @aliento and others. you can read the post I made requesting for support here which was accepted.

The support we got helped in the growth of the community and also being able to run contests in the community. The rate of authors that publish in the community increased drastically.

One of the main purpose of this community and why it was created is to increase engagement within authors. it is something I felt while we were little in number and I believe we can improve right now we have large number of authors publishing in the community. This is one reason why we give high prizes to those who engage mostly with other authors with healthy comments in our contests and initiatives.

The blogging challenge community started as a small group of friends engaging with each other. Then grew to have the purpose of increasing engagement and provide help to authors who have challenges with 'What To Write'. The blogging challenge community has rendered 4 of its own edition after the edition by myfictionalworld.com.

Asides from the bloggingchallenge questions which the community accepts, the community is a place where you can place bring up any challenge ideas you have, either it is a movie challenge, push up challenge, or any challenge which would encourage other authors to participate, it is very much accepted and would be curated by us. Moreover, we also accepts Energy refill posts which is an initiative by @tripode (a co-founder of the community).

This post is written in response to the challenge by @officialuroga to share my side of the story of how the blogging challenge community started. To keep this going, I would love any of the mentioned friends above to share their side of the story of how the blogging challenge community started.

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@aliento initiative by @eddiespino and @grisvisa

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I am loving this initiative now after reading this post though I am still going to try it. I am new to Hive but still learning its system. Thanks for sharing this. I'm excited!

Sure everyone starts at a point. you are very much welcome to publish in the community. we do our best to curate post in the community.

Thanks for curating my post sir,I appreciate.

Great project this community ... Sometimes I see everyone who writes for the blogging challenge and I say woooow hahahahaha. I don't know what he will think of @cwow2 about everything he originated: p.

Glad this encourages new authors to generate their content. I'm happy to have been one of the first participants in this, now the baby is huge 😀.

Smile.. Yeah, the baby is grown up now. I am more amazed seeing you in rep 70... 😳😳😳

Hahahaha it was hard this last section but finally I reached 70 😂

smile.... soon you would surpass me. see the way you are flying.....

First I must say, thank you for responding to my challenge of you writing your own said of the story, because I know of late, you are busy, so thank you. Finally, now I know who started the whole thing, and it's really nice that the whole thing has spring up so well. I am glad I partake in the whole thing from the beginning and I experienced the lovely engagement and truly loved it. I really look forward to the others telling their side of the whole thing though, that would be really nice. Thanks for sharing.

smile...you are always welcome brother...

Hello @starstrings01

I am really glad that what began as a proposal among a group could be established in a community.
I particularly participated with some publications in one of the first editions, but some personal reasons prevented me from following and slowing down.
But here I am taking up the challenge, I fear hope to continue for a long time.

thanks for the wishes... the community is what it is now by the grace the God. Best Regards to you as well.

Engagement has been an interesting factor in the #bloggingchallenge i'm always glad to read other authors post so as to know how they carry out their daily activities and also know their points of view in different life perspective.
Its really a nice initiative thanks for sharing.

yeah... that is a true fact. Engagement is an interesting factor to this community and it is somethings that builds oneself as we get to know more people.... you are welcome by the way.

I loved reading your story of how this beautiful challenge began, and today it helps and motivates so many authors, thank you very much to all of you, your great team is the best, for developing such a great idea. Congratulations!

smile... thanks so much for your comments.

Wow! Believe me, this community is a great one. Since I met this community, I kept coming so I can keep engaging myself on the platform. I was really challenged to write on a particular topic given and I have enjoyed it since then.
Thanks for the idea of bringing this up. At least I know why such community was created.

Like someone say in the other comments "The baby was grown" and was grown up well. From the time I left and when I come back the number of people doing this challenge is enormous and have like 80 parts now haha, 5 really. I'm very proud of what you all are making here @tripode @starstrings01, and incredible initiative by @officialurogo.

Hugs and succes 😘

thanks so much for the comments... I hope all is well with you.

The growth is amazing and the Smile team doing a good job

Yeah, they are doing a good job. Thanks for your comments.

Definitivamente uno de los mejores Challenge de la plataforma, el cual le da oportunidad de expresarse a muchos usuarios. Los felicito por esta gran labor, bendiciones!

Mucho gracias....

Nice one bro.. does the community curate posts

Yeah, it does.. You can check through the posts published in the community.

Ohh ok boss.. are there any criteria for higher curation chances

Hello @starstrings01 Do you know who this account is [sunsetjesus] that's targeting authors with downvotes who post in this Community? I've received 2 downvotes so far from this account. I notice numerous others have also who post here. I'm hesitant to post in this Community going forward and complete my Part 3 of the Blogging Challenge.

Yeah, he is not actually targeting authors who post in the community. He actually sets downvote on the trail that follows the blogging-team. So if we vote the post of authors, the downvote comes by.

I get the downvotes in post I make in other community because of the person downvoting the curation trail.

Thanks for your explanation. Can't the voting trail remove someone who's tagging along just to downvote?

I don't think that's possible. Only when the person wants to remove the trail himself.

nice piece of article, am new and this right here is helpful