Stick Up Music GIF Collection Of The Week - OneUp Cartel

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Stick Up Music GIF Collection Of The Week - OneUp Cartel

Recently, we already shared the 1UP! GIF collection we have on Giphy, and how you can use it in gaming chats. But did you know we also have a OneUP Cartel GIF collection? The cartel GIF collection was really fun to make and we still love to use them ourselves as well.

Let's see a few of our favorite GIFs from this collection. Did you know that @flauwy is the

Don't be scared though, he's actually a really nice guy! They always welcome you when you are a

Because that means you're probably making

And then people feel like

So to sum it up, the Cartel is a friendly cartel that focusses on rewarding gaming related content on Hive. You should really check out @oneup-cartel and start using these GIFs.


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