Mad Magazine still making money off my work LOL

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If you've been following me awhile you already know I worked for Mad Magazine for awhile, then's a whole long story. I'll tell you some other time. The short version is- I told them they need to make some changes and fast or the magazine was going to come to e=an end. They didn't listen and gee whiz, a couple years later, the magazine came to an end.

I tell ya...they is a pile of bodies behind me in this industry that I tried to warn while doing work for them that didn't listen and are now defunct. Oh well..Arsenic Lullaby lives on so what do I care?

Anyways...Mad is still published like twice a year or something but it entirely reprinted material. Turns work is still being published in those reprints. So, that's nice. I guess.

Just for's about a shotgun blast of a bunch of the work I contributed to Mad over the years.

I think...this one here is the first work of mine that they ever published. Best part about this joke is that I wrote it like a decade earlier for my stand up routine. Nothing like getting a fat check for a 10 year old joke.


not long after this one they started having me do full page stories, which suited me just fine...


Mbride of frank gag2.jpg


If at this point you are noticing a trend of the gags being about womanizing...don't look at me, I'd send 6 different gags and they'd pick the one they wanted. So...this was an editorial decision. Which is not to say that I am not a womanizer, I just don't go around broadcasting it.

What else do we got...




That last one there...that doesn't hold up very well these days, who the hell gives a damn about stealing a car radio?


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come by and say hello!

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I wonder why they didn't listen to you in the first place ...this is genius. 😂😂😂..

I didn't get the first one at first and then it immediately popped into my brain..why didn't I think of that before !
There's nothing wrong with being a womanizer which you're not..but there's nothing wrong 😂😂😂

Could be that one took you a minute because it wasn't written first as a cartoon. Some jokes defiantly only work in a stand up bit, some only in a cartoon. This one may have been more instandly clear when I delivered it on stage.

Could be they didn't listen because it would have involved changing things, could be because it would have taken effort, could be because they would have had to admit they were failing...could be they didn't listen because I'm a jerk. lol

Super nice. Aarg, my cousin worked for mad magazine long ago tooo and left... Hahaha.
Rock on like that. Rehived

Thanks!! What work did your cousin do for Mad?

Heyho, bom dia, he did not work there anymore. And my cousin is ooold... Lol. But when he was around 20,30 years he was a drawer for them. So maybe 20 years ago he worked for them... Anyway, he was my idol and inspiration for ART and comics. hahaha. Have a great day.

I'm a sucker for comics, I haven't heard of mad magazine in the past but I'll surely check your pages out now, this was awesome

Loved the Cinderella and Tooth Fairy strips.

Thanks! I actually had forgotten all about the Cinderella one, so I got a laugh out of it myself when I found it in the folder. That's the upside to Alzheimer's, you can laugh at your old work. ;P

Good when you have such a large back catalogue of work that you can forget works.

Have you ever counted up the number of strips that you've done?

 last year  

Lol... You warned them, at least you did 😅

The second magazine is so hilarious, too bad he had to become a murderer before he found out.

These are interesting magazines, but I wonder why you stopped working there 🤔

hahaha, if only he had known earlier. :p
as far as leaving, it was just a better use of my time doing my own work than dealing with the frustrating situation over there.

 last year  

Oh I understand, it's cool

I never read Mad that much, but then it wasn't so big over here. Did you ever see Viz it was definitely for adults and pretty gross at times. Your work may have been too subtle for their audience.

Viz? hmm, no I can't say I've ever heard of that one. Have an example handy?

Viz are not really known for their artwork. It's more about the crude humour. I can't find much of it online, but there are a few pages here. They are also known for their letters page and their 'top tips'.

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