Stupid things we've all done at some point

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If life were not full of those small events, which become disappointments or bears, it would be very dull, when we remember them we laugh again like the first time, but sometimes we do not laugh out of respect for the person to whom the incident occurs. I tell you:


In my youth I had a suitor, who held his family relationships in high regard, and he spoke to me with great pride about his grandmother. One day while we were walking, we saw a telephone booth, it immediately occurred to him to call it; He asked me to wait for him, he dialed the call and when he heard the expected voice he said: "bless me, grandmother", but together with that, he made a half-genuflection as a sign of respect, it was what was usually done, especially in the countryside, in front of to the person from whom the blessing was requested. I remained equanimous next to him, it didn't really make me laugh at that moment, although it was very strange that he made that bow at that moment. Now when I write about it I do laugh, as I did the times I remembered that, some time later.

I suppose that some gestures or gestures remain in automatic mode and we do them without realizing it.


As happened to a friend who had a cup of coffee in the same arm where she had her purse. The time came to get into the car, she held the handle of the purse with her right hand, turned her left arm and took it out, pouring the contents into the bag, all in an automatic movement, which made her forget the liquid she had in it. Cup.


But if we forget, a very neat citizen took out his new handkerchief and placed it on a concrete parapet, to sit and wait for a friend and not get his pants dirty. After a while, when he saw her coming, he gallantly got up and went to meet her to shorten her path and forgot the handkerchief.


In a room of a clinic, a friend had her brother hospitalized, I went to visit and found her walking around the place, she asked me if I wasn't carrying something with a point, as well as a nail, of course I didn't have one. He still didn't tell me why. When I saw her again she had found a fork, she carefully inserted it into a new toothpaste dispenser, what she wanted was to open a hole for the product to come out, she just had to unscrew the lid and peel off the adhesive seal, which is on the same, but as the saying goes: "he who does not know is like he who does not see."

And that's how he didn't see either, a school principal at an academic event had sent the suit to the dry cleaners and put it on without removing a label that was left on one of the sleeves. He shook hands with each one, to present them with the title, some photographs attested to the carelessness.

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The tea in the cup welcome all the things that were in her bag 😆😂, she should drank the tea one time, and use her hands to do whatever she wants, it seems, she wanted to act like a princess, but she didn't have a kingdom 😆😂
When the suitor who make call bow to the telephone to bless him, did he see any blessing coming next after?

I think the blessing was that he was no longer in my life. Yes, there was a lot of posturing in that stupid act of tipping the cup into the purse.

Thanks for your reading

Why will one bow while greeting on a phone call? 🤣
And the paste stuff, where is the person from ?🤭

There are many things that people do and you can't help but laugh at them.

This was a nice read👍.

The context is Venezuelan, ha ha ha. Only those who have learned to bow as a sign of respect could do it even in front of the phone, as it happened to my friend.

Best regards, thanks for reading and eating.

Such is life, these action is part of childs mentality. As for the principal that wore clothe with the label, he wants to tell people the worth of the clothe. Hahahaha

Yes, there is a lot of childishness in the bow, and that director really liked to pretend, but that day he was very absent-minded.

That's the power of habits 😅 when you keep doing something for a very long time, it becomes second-nature to you and you end up doing something like genuflecting to a person you're on a call with. It's actually very humorous now that I'm thinking about it 😆

Yes, that's what happens, if we observe people talking on the phone we will see that they make gestures and gestures as if the other person was watching them. It's funny. And those who point out places even more.

Best regards.

It seems I have to learn from others mistakes, because I love showing respect so much so I mostly bow while greeting people even if it's was in a call