The COMedy Rumble: Winners' Announcement

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This post is the ultimate winners' announcement post as not only is it for the last 10 days but we will quickly move after that to the ultimate winners in this contest.


The Winners From The Last 10 Days Of The Contest

The Comedy Title: 10 HBD + 20 Listnerds each week.

Our last Comedy Title Winner is @ayesha-malik!!!


SurPrize Winners

@nickydee Takes home 5 Hive and 10 Listnerds for having THE longest entry post in the contest. Such hard work to make others laugh and entertained should be applauded and rewarded.


The COMedy Rumble Winners!!!

The Longest Laugh: 25 Hive + 35 Listnerds given by the end of the contest.

The nominees for this reward are

@oldsoulnewb for winning in week 1

@winniecorp for winning in week 2

@zyzymena for winning in week 3


@ayesha-malik for winning in the last 10 days

@winniecorp is The Longest Laugh title winner!


The COMedy Counter: 15 Hive + 25 Listnerds given by the end of the contest.

By the end of the contest, everyone was eligible to win this. The closest to get to it is @chincoculbert, @princessbusayo, and @gone-hive. However, no one was able to beat out @merit.ahama for this title.

Congratulations @merit.ahama for becoming the COMedy Counter title holder.


The COMedy Average: 20 Hive + 30 Listnerds given by the end of the contest.

This one goes to @zyzymena who managed to keep the average rating of her post higher than everyone.


The COMedy Nerd 30 Hive + 10 HBD + 50 Listnerds given by the end of the contest.

This one goes to people who have been active and engaging the most throughout this contest. @merit.ahama wins this as not only did she manage to stay consistent when it comes to creating posts but also remained highly active and engaging.


But Wait! There's More!

You didn't actually think that's all, did you? Well, you have another thing coming.

A Judge's Favorite

Now as established before, the way a winner is picked is by different measures and criteria, including the judges' rating average. Now, judges differ in what they liked, some posts would get a 9 out of 10 from one judge but 5 out of 10 from another.

That's why decided to add this category where each one of the judges' favorites from each week would get rewarded with 2 HBD and 50 Listnerds each.

@lisfabian's picks

Week 1: @uop

Week 2: @chincoculbert

Week 3: @ovey10

Last 10 days: @deeanndmathews

@thisismylife's picks

Week 1: @princessbusayo

Week 2: @olawalium

Week 3: @blanchy

Last 10 days: @raj808

@amirtheawesome1's picks

Week 1: @baby.magic

Week 2: @hopestylist

Week 3: @writermaximus

Last 10 days: @cescajove

Congratulations to all the winners, your rewards shall arrive within days.


Thank you everyone for a great Rumble! You may now continue to post as usual and we have been assigned by @ocd to keep our eyes out for posts of great quality!

If you are however still seeking more comedy then be sure to check out @captaincryptic's LOLZ Project Latest Addition. He also would like you to know that the tags they will be staking which you can add to be able to earn FUN using... #fun, #funny, #lolz, and #jokes, along with posting in LOLZ's Fun House or using the community tag hive-155986.

Thank You For Reading And Participating!!!


Excellent work #comedyopenmic team. We continue to learn from your humor. Many seemed like laugh machines, pleasantly surprised these users were very committed and serious about winning prizes in this great contest. I love people who can laugh at themselves and win prizes without making fun of anyone. One user told me that he was called pineapple head and other things ha,ha,ha,ha, I tell him he doesn't have his head that way. Many anecdotes come to my mind ha,ha,ha,ha. all is said and done. congratulations, and keep filling our beautiful platform with healthy humor


Excelente trabajo equipo de #comedyopenmic. Seguimos aprendiendo de su humor. Muchos parecían máquinas de risas, gratamente sorprendida de estos usuarios muy comprometidos y con mucha seriedad para alzar con los premios de este gran concurso. Me encantan las personas que se pueden reír de ellos mismos y ganar premios sin burlarse de nadie. Un usuario me dijo que le decían cabeza de piña y otras cosas ja,ja,ja, le digo que no tiene su cabeza de esa manera. Muchas anécdotas vienen a mi mente ja,ja,ja. ya todo está dicho. ¡Felicitaciones!, y a seguir llenando nuestra hermosa plataforma de humor sano.

Let's put your hands together for @merit.ahama 😁 oh where she disappeared 🤨 she is running with her prize. Hmm there are a lot of winners to chase her but @princessbusayo come let's do party alone hehe ( as we both can only appreciate our dancing and singing abilities -world is to dumb to discover this talent of ours 😂)

So the time ended along with the rain of prizes, @zyzymena return my umbrella 😂 honestly there was fun and fun everywhere and hopefully it will be continued 🤩😝 congo pongo to all the winners 😁


I can't hear you!!! 😂😂😂
Congrats girl

Ahan you can sleep or close your eyes 😁 be alarmed you can be robbed lol.

Oh no! I don't wanna be robbed 😳😳😳 my eyes are so wild open! 😂

Hahhahaha! @merit.ahama went home with a truck load of prices o. Did you see that?

Haha I wanted to stop her but the truck was moving so fast, the gifts I collected are dropped due to overloading 🤣

😃😃😃😃😃. It's a good thing. I also my have truck safely parked in my house.

Awesome, congratulations to all the amazing winners, you all did a really great job, I read from almost all of you and you all made me laugh really hard at some point most especially @zyzymena, congratulations Ma'am.

Thank you so much @amirtheawesome1, I'm so glad you loved what I made, this means a lot to me 🙏❤️.

Thank you to the @ocd team for their continuous support, I'm grateful especially, it was a great privilege seeing a notification from you.

I want to greet the general comedy open mic team for this amazing contest and for being very fair with their judgments. I hope to witness more of this, this made me bring out a little comedy talent hidden in me, although I know I'm not to be compared to some persons but overall, you guys made me push myself and that's something I'm really grateful for.

I am just glad we managed to pull this off with only a few mistakes. To be honest, I was expecting worse results lol!

Thank you for participating, you have done great work.

Me too at some point I backed out because I knew I was not so good and I didn't want to just make a post, so I just waited to read from my favorites, hehehe.

I'm so glad you liked something I did, thank you 🙏💙.

Thank you for participating, you have done great work.

I appreciate your kind words, it's so so encouraging ❤️.







It is indeed an amazing contest. I never expected to even win anything but I'm pleasantly surprised. This is good news. Congrats darling.

You never what? Please don't say that again oo, if you say that, then what will I say? 😏.

Thank you by the way 😁.

Well it's the truth.

Hmm, okay oo 😒.

I always liked @thisismylife . Very nice individual. Way sounder than that Amir bloke! Cheers everyone. Great contest. Glad I was a part of it. untitled.gif

I will make sure to mute your next post here :)

See this is what I mean!

and sacrifice the belly laughs. You wouldn't dare.


You know @amirtheawesome1 holds the powers don't you? :) I heard he took some bribes!


I wouldn't blame him. Camels cost money to feed or they get the hump!

Mama I made it!
Congrats to everyone that participated and supported I hope there are more contest in the future, I really enjoyed this one. 🥳

Special thanks to the judges also, I admire your fairness and I’m so glad I was a part of this.
It was extremely fun while it lasted!

You made it, Winnie. Yaaaaaay.

You made it.... Congratulations 👍

Congrats on winning. Hopefully, you will join us back soon after taking a comedy rest. I know the Rumble has been exhausting for many.

Oh yes I will

Oh I'm just seeing this 😮😩
This is so much and I'm so grateful for being part of this till the end and also being among the winners

Seems every participants won!!! What a memorable Rumble ❤️

Congrats to you @winniecorp I saw that coming really 😊
Congrats to you @ayesha-malik I didn't see that coming but yeah, you did it!!! 😍

Also big congrats to you all @nickydee @oldsoulnewb @zyzymena @chincoculbert @uop @ovey10 @deeanndmathews @princessbusayo @olawalium @blanchy @raj808 @baby.magic @hopestylist @writermaximus @cescajove I had a good time reading all your posts 😊 I hope we see you all around for more comedy days ❤️

Thanks for the work and support through the Rumble @amirtheawesome1 you're amazing!

Yes dear, it's such a big surprise to me but I'm glad I won such huge prize too.

Congratulations girl, you did a really good job 🎊🏆👍❤️❤️.

Thanks sweetheart ❤️

You're always welcome my love 😘❤️.

This is the best Comedy contest ever was so funny and everyone did an amazing job...especially you merit...serious fire down...and Hopestylist and nickydee and everyone haha....🤣🤣🤣....thank for the tag and congratulations once again to guys rock!

Yeah, congrats to you too dear... Everyone was super! was bubbling like a bubble hehe

Yeay :)

Thanks for letting me know darling woman. Appreciate the thoughts! ❤️

And well done 💥


Thank you dear 😌

I'm coming to your house for my share. Congrats girl.


Thanks girl 🤗

I am super excited to be mentioned too. Absolutely thrilling.

Wow!Congratulations to all the winners👏🎉

Thank you for participating. I hope to see more of you in this community.

Bravo bravo 🙌🙌. A big congratulations to all the winners, you guys have done well. It was really nice reading your jokes, we hope to see more of them. Thanks to you all

Thank you for joining us, your posts were nice to see.

Thank you to @comedyopenmic and @lisfabian for the judges pick, and congrats to all the master comedians recognized in the Rumble winning lists!

Wow! I'm in tears right now. I felt so bad when I fell ill and couldn't continue. I wondered if I would still win any awards and I'm really shocked to see my name still made the list. Thank you so much @comedyopenmic . Congratulations @merit.ahama you deserved it. @winniecorp yes I agree your post cracked me up much. @princesbusayo @hopestylist I'm glad you won also. Everyone ended up winning something. Truly there are no losers. Best contest ever.

Yes, it was a well deserved prize for you, I love all of your work.

I'm so glad I still won such a huge prize, it's indeed a win win for everyone.

Yes it is. Thanks to the community

Yes, big thanks to them ❤️🙏.

Awww congrats to you sis
I hope you're better now, this comment of yours shows that actually 😁
Let those posts roll in now ❤️❤️

Well I wouldn't know but some days are better than some other days. Just taking it one day at a time

I understand, just get better and get through it healthy 😊❤️

Thanks dear 🤗🤗

Zyzy love, thanks.
Been smiling while reading these comments, it's so wholesome like we're one big family.

Yes! This community is a very lovely community. It spreads love around.

I feel honoured and I am super excited. Thank you so much for the consideration @ocd and @thisismylife I am deeply grateful. Thank you.

Thank you for joining us :)

I am super excited to join.

Wow! It has been a great contest after all, and everyone came out to showcase their abilities. Congratulations to all winners and to those who were the judges' favorites 🥰🤸🤸🤸🤸

Thanks to the organizers and team behind the contest. Thank you @ocd for the support in the community. Thanks to @thisismylife for the pick too. I really appreciate it.

I don't know if this will make you feel better or worse, but you were among the people close to winning Comedy Average, Comedy Counter, and Comedy Nerd.

Thank you for participating. Hopefully, we see you here soon.

It's all good and I even enjoyed the moment with others. 🤗🤗🤗
Sure, I will keep coming around 🎉🎉

I didn't think my single entry would still win a reward but thanks anyway @amirtheawesome1. Appreciate it!🚬😎

It had memorable lines.

Banana o nana..😂

Congratulations to the whole team for this successful comedy rumble and the OCD team and other curators who are supporting this community and raising the quality content.

And congratulations to all the participants and the winners 😊... Best of luck in the upcoming contests.

Good to see you sailing in the ocean of fun😁


What a great privilege to be part of this contest...
Many thanks to @lisfabian for creating a 2HBD opportunity for me😌😌😀
There's gonna be stew for the weekend 😀😀

I really missed out on all the fun during the contest but I think I've come to stay because this community help me escape boredom. Congratulations to all the winners.

Congratulations to all winners.


This is the first time I've ever won ANYTHING :)

And for longest post makes me LOL. because everyone says I write long stuff and I can't edit myself! LOVE IT!

Thank you for the win, the laughs and the inspiration. Please keep me in the loop fo the next ones. I'm in 😊💥❤️

Well done to all who participated for the effort and fun. And to everyone listed who won. Well deserved and see you all around!

It was a great post, so good I changed the rules a little to fit it as it was not posted in this community first lol.

I love doing these different categories to recognize people's hard work!

Ah... I so suck at admin so thank you!

I think folks around here are starting to get to know me.

Thanks again for the encouragement! I'll try to read guidelines more carefully moving forward. It's usually just a juggle with kids and time so if I mess up no need to make a plan for me. I'm just keen to participate and to keep writing :)

But I think you really made everyone feel good about this. Nicely done 😊❤️

Leeetttsss gooooooooooo 😤😤😤
Congratulations to all the winners🥳🥳

This was such an awesome and fun contest and even though I didn't participate much, I enjoyed every single bit of it

Big thanks to everyone that organized and participated

And massive thanks to @amirtheawesome1 for picking my post, I truly appreciate it😩🙌🏻

I hope we all see more of this

Comedyopenmic to the world!!!

Too much work to tag you all, but I saw most winners already gathered in a very special afterparty in the comment section, so here's to all of you: CONGRATS whatever funny prize you may have taken home. Make sure not to drink too much at the afterparty and be good in the morning! I heard @amirtheawesome1 has ice cream so be quick before he eats it all!

Did you mention drink?
I'm open for some cognac right now hehe


It's just before 10 AM here now, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy one in your timezone :)

It's 8:55am and you’re absolutely right

Haha, I assumed you'd be on the other end of the world in evening times :) lolol
I could never drink this early, as a matter of fact, here's a coffee!


Ah it was so wonderful being among the judge's extra shout outs 👍
Thanks for running this Amir, and to all the judges who put their time in 🙂

Congrats to everyone that eon

I thank everyone who did their best to join this amazing was so good...I felt great joining all of you in this game!
Thanks amirtheawesome you are really awesome and to comedyopenmic for hosting this was so amusing....
And to all the background supporters I love you all.....muah

It's great to see that this contest was a great success...I must say I really enjoyed myself and had the chance to make new friends...I guess it's a women's affair, lol they came all out on this one..the guy would have to work harder next time...
Congrats to the winners..

Thank you Admins for doing your best.. it's much appreciated..I'll be coming around as often as I can to read amazing laughable posts ❤️❤️