Ithaqa Comic Issue 5 Page 31


A lot is going on in this page, for one thing we finally get a concrete look at what happened to B-timeline Margaret, something we merely alluded to in the bookends of issues 1, 2, and 3.

We also see further evidence as to the degree to which William Saxton can bend reality to his will. William has taken the Rot in a different direction than his father, perhaps he is less powerful, less immediately dangerous, but not by TOO much in my mind, just different.

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Theresa Chiechi's (The Artist @la-fumettista) website is here:

Lucas Gattoni's (The Letterer/Logo Designer) website is here:

Twitter: @IthaqaComic


Have you been asked about doing a #HiveChat on Twitter? Or have you done one? I just did another centred around meetups, but something that gets the comics community interested would be fun.

I don't think so, sounds fun though! What would we do?

You just need to come up with 5 questions and post them on Twitter over the course of an hour on a Tuesday. Talk to @traciyork or @epodcaster as they will help set it up

Yes! Thank you @steevc for connecting us all together. @drwatson it would be great to learn more about you and the comics community on a future #HiveChat.

Awesome, so is @epodcaster your twitter handle that I should be sending my questions to?

Yes indeed. I am @epodcaster on Web2 and Web3 and Discord.

5 questions people should ask me, or five questions I ask the community?

Hey @drwatson! I agree with @steevc & @epodcaster - it would be awesome to have you host a Hive Chat about the comics community.

Here's how I usually sum it up on Twitter -

Almost time for HiveChat, a weekly #Tweetchat about all things #Hive.

♦️Use #HiveChat in all your tweets
♦️There are 5 questions
♦️Every 10 minutes = new question
♦️Chat lasts 1 hour.

Have fun, chat a ton!

Steve gave an excellent example of a question to ask. You'd just need to come up with 5 total (or 6 if you want an icebreaker to open things up), and to pick a Tuesday and an hour that works best for you (as well as @epodcaster and/or myself).

Are you on Discord? That's usually the easiest way to chat about! In any case, looking forward to this (should you decide to host, that is. 😊)

!LUV your #HiveChat description. Definitely going to model this in the future.

Let's shoot for next Tuesday so I can think about my questions more, haha

It's questions for the community, but you can supply your own responses. It's a way to provoke some discussion. E.g. Have you participated in a comic crowdfunding and would you do it via Hive?