Phill from GCHQ - page 102 - Little Death

Little Death - Page 102 of the cartoon about Phill from GCHQ - a free comic that I have been working on since September 2016.

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Introduction to this weeks page

The dangerous predicament that Phill and his friends are in, does not prevent me from throwing in some completely weird backstory. I only have few pages left before I close the second album, and for the sake of symmetry I wanted the revelation of a relationship between Eileen and one of the three, strange commenter to be in this album, slowly intertwining all those chaotic treads that I have been spinning into a complex rope. And it is after all in the original design, where whims and crazy ideas are put in without a second thought.

I really enjoyed making the flashback drawing of the couple drinking wine. Thinking and making sketches about how I best described the relationship took as long as the rest of the page.

Happy reading!

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Loving the tying up of the long threads. I may have to go back and read through them all again as I lose track.

BTW Did you see there was talk of a presidential plane flying to Prestwick soon? I guess it's handy for Trump's golf courses.

I think you need to lose a word in the second frame 'out in a that'. Possibly 'that' should go.

Let's see if he can squeese it in between corona restrictions and prison. And thanks for the typo heads up.

It will be interesting to see where he ends up. Will anyone want him?

It has been a complete break down. He simply went to far, and as the large bully in the school yard when things suddenly turns around, he is now all alone. No one liked him, people was there because of opportunism. No loyalty in opportunists.

Making friends is much harder than making enemies. People will drop him, but they are already tarnished by his stain. Biden has a huge job to try and repair some of the damage.

hmmm idk, are you making a veiled reference here? Little death in French means petite mort - meaning orgasm.

In modern usage, this term has generally been interpreted to describe the post-orgasmic state of unconsciousness that some people have after having some sexual experiences.

Yes, I wanted to hint that these CIA executives had some hidden orgasmic satisfaction in the diazepam sleep, while at the same time having the literal meaning that the anesthesia before being brought to a torture site also is a sort of prelude to the mental annihilation of torture.

Last year I had my first operation under full sedation and what worried me the most (it was just a standard operation) was being completely unconscious. I dream a lot and to me that makes sleeping a very active part of life, so that is probably why I have focused so much on anesthesia on the page.

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