Phill from GCHQ - page 91 - God

God - Page 91 of the cartoon about Phill from GCHQ - a free comic that I have been working on since September 2016.

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Complete index can be seen here (but all the link lead to Steemit which I will have to fix!): Phill from GCHQ - index - (peakd)

Introduction to this weeks page

So this had to be a rather text heavy page as will the next one be. The story of Gerome was easiest and fastest to tell in words. As you can see he has written a program called Prattle, which translates the code from the assemble code has been given by the sinister Navelpillar project which is run through GCHQ by a dodgy but until now unknown bunch of people. I had great fun inventing the custom program pchat on page 89 where you see an Ubuntu unity screen with both known and unknown application icons and some strange arguments for the pchat program, so I did something similar here. A small detail is that Gerome has named his computer "hole".

I also found space for one of Vincent Cavanaugh's improvised poems.

Also if you like to support the work on the comic I still have 700 copies of the first album that I need to sell - so sharing that fact with others all over the internet would be a big help. Here’s a link to the webshop:

Happy reading.


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Holy moly! This is getting biblical. There are plenty around who seem to think they are God, but they are all fallible.

I'm loving the geeky details, as you might expect.

hk0rt wahwnmyt noyjibndirnh (for the spooks)

Yes, there are some holes in Gerome's theory.

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