Nerd By Northwest #185 – “Ratings Secrets Unmasked”

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The news meets the lowest common denominator...

Nerd By Northwest #185 – “Ratings Secrets Unmasked”
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I'm pretty harsh on almost all TV and cable news channels, no matter which side of the American political spectrum they cling to. In my opinion, all of 'em are just trying to sell you on a particular narrative and world view, telling you what to think more than informing you. But I gotta say, Fox News does NOT mess around... anything they can do to get your attention, they'll do it all and won't hold back. Whether it's attention-getting graphics with dramatic sound effects or attractive ladies showing a little extra cleavage, they WILL get your attention.

Yett that only goes so far. Fox News is a little like that hot girl (or guy) that tries a little too hard for your attention; it's interesting at first, but after a while you find you just want them to go away... 😉

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