Nerd By Northwest #188 – “Critical Fail”

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When disguise rolls fail...

Nerd By Northwest #188 – “Critical Fail”
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If you make KISS references long enough, it's just a matter of time before a cheap Peter Criss joke comes along. It's practically a law of the universe. I tried to resist, god knows I tried... but dammit I'm only human! 😁

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"Critical Fail" & "Critical Success" are the only way to play.

they give so many Role Playing opportunities.

Do you have a website for your strip?

Absolutely... you can find all of my strips at ... not only the Nerd By Northwest strips, but also the spinoff "XCOM-ic" strips and my Bitcoin/crypto-themed comic "Proof-of-Jake".

I post all of my strips here on Hive, though, so while the site is great for looking up older strips and starting from the beginning, Hive is still a great place to see the newer comics.

I was watching some Kiss performances at the weekend. They were due to play the Download festival then, so they streamed old stuff of various acts. Some cool bands I didn't know. My daughter was going to be at the festival.

I've never been to a KISS performance, or really any rock concerts as I find it hard to fully enjoy myself among large groups of people. Plus Alaska was not a prime venue for such concerts, and I find Mongolia to be even less so. 😉

I enjoy a good gig, but don't feel the need for all the pyrotechnics KISS use. Of course nobody really wants to be in a crowd right now.