Nerd By Northwest #187 – “Masks Save Lives”

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Sir Marko fails to exercise proper mask discipline...

Nerd By Northwest #187 – “Masks Save Lives”
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I would like to say that our gaming group's exploits during our "Elemental Evil" campaign consisted of clever disguises and artful deception. But the sad reality is that our progress through the campaign would be better described as the movie "300" combined with the movie "Robin Hood: Men in Tights". Yeah... the Ocean's Eleven crew, we were not. 😏

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I want to see that movie combination! Not seen Men in Tights in a long while.

Yes our games do trend simultaneously towards both the silly and gory hack-and-slash, with frequent explosions and gratuitous use of fire thrown in for flavor. Our games are only slightly less silly than these comics, which I gotta admit makes creating the comics easier! 😁