Nerd By Northwest #199 – “People Skills”

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The Water Cult finds that Magnus the Magnificent is not so easy to get rid of...

Nerd By Northwest #199 – “People Skills”
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Our heroes are hot on the trail of Magnus the Magnificent... it's only a matter of time before they catch up to him. Question is, will they find him alive? Or will his big mouth lead to them finding his remains in a big pile of kraken poop?

As for my own group's game, the dragon turtle was one of those rare times in our slog through the Elemental Evil adventure where our party chose to try to talk first instead of fight. Sure, there was a good role-playing opportunity there. But there was ALSO a good opportunity for us to not all end up as dragon turtle snacks. Giving up a share of the treasure is a lot less effort than having to roll up new characters... 😉

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