Nerd By Northwest #274 – “Netflix and Binge! That Is, If Ya Know What’s Good For Ya…”

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We find out what Jen's promise is worth...

Nerd By Northwest #274 – “Netflix and Binge! That Is, If Ya Know What’s Good For Ya…”
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I admit, I finished the entire "Dark Crystal" Netflix series in only two days. And the only reason it was two days instead of one was because my kids insisted on some piddly things they needed on that first day. You know, little things like eating lunch, help with homework, and being picked up from school. I mean, jeez... kids these days are SO high maintenance. 😉

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I think I just watched the first one some time ago. I may go back to it some time. There's just so much stuff out there to watch. With things like Netflix people in different countries can have more in common to watch. We get a lot of US TV, but also lots of British stuff you may never see. I assume Netflix have local content too, but I've heard you can see what other countries get via a VPN.


Yeah, I suspect Netflix here in Asia is offering a lot more shows & movies from Korea, India, Thailand, etc. than subscribers in North America or Europe get to see. Though on the flip side, it also means I don't get to see the new Rick & Morty episodes until a couple months after the US release... 😕



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Kids can be so demanding! Mine are, too. "Can we play a game?" Really? Well, I guess so. Sure. 😃