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Babysteps To Creating Wealth #2 - Curangel Defi Passive Income

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The second way I have decided to start creating a passive crypto income stream for myself is through the Curangel service made by @pharesim

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Screenshot of the curangel website

Curangel is a curation service that rewards curator and investors while supporting the HIVE community aswell as fight spam and abuse.

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What I like about Curangel is that besides automatic curation, there are manual curators digging through the HIVE communities finding those hidden gems so it is actually really benefitting the community.

By delegating Hive Power to @curangel, you earn approximately 12% APR which comes down to 1% per month, which is paid out daily.

This is completely passive and as you only delegate your Hive Power, it always in your possession and you can always undelegate if you decide to.

I delegated 300 HP to begin with. This isn't much but as hopefully my account grows on Hive, I can invest more and more.

I have to keep in mind that these Babysteps To Creating Wealth are a long term investment and I am in no rush to start turning my crypto into fiat.

@pharesim has been part of the community for over 5 years and has contributed a lot to making this space a better place. I highly suggest you vote for @pharesim for witness!

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In what ways do you generate passive crypto income? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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