Babysteps To Creating Wealth #2 - Curangel Defi Passive Income

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The second way I have decided to start creating a passive crypto income stream for myself is through the Curangel service made by @pharesim

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Screenshot of the curangel website

Curangel is a curation service that rewards curator and investors while supporting the HIVE community aswell as fight spam and abuse.

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What I like about Curangel is that besides automatic curation, there are manual curators digging through the HIVE communities finding those hidden gems so it is actually really benefitting the community.

By delegating Hive Power to @curangel, you earn approximately 12% APR which comes down to 1% per month, which is paid out daily.

This is completely passive and as you only delegate your Hive Power, it always in your possession and you can always undelegate if you decide to.

I delegated 300 HP to begin with. This isn't much but as hopefully my account grows on Hive, I can invest more and more.

I have to keep in mind that these Babysteps To Creating Wealth are a long term investment and I am in no rush to start turning my crypto into fiat.

@pharesim has been part of the community for over 5 years and has contributed a lot to making this space a better place. I highly suggest you vote for @pharesim for witness!

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In what ways do you generate passive crypto income? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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A great place to delegate to for passive income, especially if you're a content creator who doesn't have much time to curate properly with your stake or an investor who wants to make sure their stake is used for a healthy platform and ecosystem.

Yes! So happy I came across it :)

Thanks so much for posting this! I'm fairly new to how "staking" and "power up" and "curation" etc all works. I was already following @curangel but not aware of how it works or what it does. Another person recommended @curangel on Twitter and that landed me on your post. So thanks again for the info!😃

No problem!
There are quite a few other ways to create passive income on here.
I've already written a few posts on it and there is more to come!

Thanks! I've bookmarked several of your posts for reading today. 😃

Lol. I’m not trying to beat a dead horse as the saying goes but on this subject...

I discovered BRO, UTOPIS, SPI, ARCHON, EDS, etc., which all drip various other tokens that trade on hive engine, Leo Rex, tribal Rex, etc...

Most of what’s dripped isn’t worth a lot now but most have a lot of promise and are actively been worked on.

Some are savings tokens that use funding, either via direct financing or delegation of just about any other tokens, including the ones they drip to you 😁, to re-invest, mostly in hive projects, but SPI, for example has some off chain holdings backing its token value as well.

There are also mining tokens. LEOM, for example delegates token mining so periodically, a stakeholder is chosen to witness a block signature and is rewarded with LEO. There are several of those for various tribes, which are communities that have staked into hive and created a native token to power said tribe. It’s all very fascinating, especially when you see how they all intertwine and layer upon each other. The potential for rapid exponential growth is electrifying.

Okay! Thanks SO SO SO much for this.
Finally I am understanding it a lot more.
Already had a look and just literally had no idea what I was looking at, but this makes so much more sense hahaha
Good human you!
ps. sent you a bit of $hive because my upvote isn't worth anything and I wanted to show my appreciation!

You’re welcome, and thank you, too! I’m happy to help. I’ve been looking for ways to spend more time here and, tbh, it was fun to pretend to be knowledgeable about this stuff to someone who doesn’t know better yet. 😁

Edit: one last thing...(?) If you're using peakd from a pc there's a little chat bubble icon between alerts and compose. That opens Bee Chat which is still limited, or at least I'm still limited with it, but it's a functioning chat service very similar to discord. I don't think a lot of people know about it yet.

My partner has been using Dlease. Which one is better?

I just looked up Dlease and they are using language which isn't clear (I find) and are charging 10% fee.
So yeah, i'd rather just stick with Curangel. But always do your own research!!!!

What about BRO-FI from @brofund ? Any idea ? I have heard, that also gets good income. May be time has come, where we can list out all such services ?

No idea!
Will look into it.
And yes, maybe I'll make a post with all the different options. Good idea :)

Care to elaborate?

not really, just being an ass

Always feel free to share gifs in my comments 😁