Struggling 2023-10-21

Last night's work was a struggle. There are a couple of entertainment districts that produce rides every weekend. One set of rides get the people to the clubs. Later the same night people need rides home when the bars close. Most of my driving did not involve that. I spent the majority of my night out in the sticks doing food deliveries. Most of this work was low-paying. However, I accepted the gigs so that I could move up a tier for better benefits.

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Last night was my first time doing food deliveries. It was easier than I imagined. Although there was this one pizza delivery in which the customer lived in what seemed like a village of mismatched dwellings. Her unit was in a large building converted into apartments with unit numbers haphazardly labeled on the doors. I could not find the door as much as I tried. She would not answer messages or phone calls. So, I found the number closest to her apartment number, took a picture of the food, and then left.

I don't know if my experience is a result of working at night when fares are supposedly higher. Perhaps I should work during business hours and call it a day.

My goal was to make at least $100, which I finally did by 3 AM, including cash tips.

I received a notice that I could also do grocery deliveries, which involves buying groceries with a debit card they will ship to me. I will sign up for the service as I think getting out to walk from time to time would be beneficial, even if it doesn't pay well, which I have yet to find out.

Transitioning from being a salaried worker to a gig worker isn't so difficult, although there are some glaring differences. For example, being salaried, you don't get extra pay for doing extra work. Your pay is the same no matter what. I suppose there is some comfort in that. As a gig worker, however, I think it's more about achieving goals. If I have a goal to earn $135 daily, I can stop working as soon as I reach the goal. If I have more ambitious goals, I could work the maximum amount of hours allowed.

And the biggest advantage of doing rideshare or other gig work is that I can always pause it if a bigger, short-term opportunity comes along. There is precommitment to my time. This comes with a responsibility too. I need to be more deliberate about where I spend my time. If I can choose my work hours, I need to choose what I do with my free time as well. This way I can avoid wasting time on things that don't contribute to my overall wellbeing. I'd have to schedule exercise, family commitments, entertainment, and other personal activities.

I'm still exploring what full-time ridesharing can do for me. I'll be posting my experiences and revelations in this group as I go.


I find it interesting how varied and customizable to each person's goals, lifestyle, and comfort level working ride-sharing/delivery can be.

I've heard of people only working the evening to wee hours (party hours) on weekends to meet their financial goals while. This allows them to not work Sunday-Thursday to have the most time during the week for their other interests.

I haven't ruled that out, working weekends only. However, I would like to make an informed decision on when my best earnings are. Also, working weekends rules out doing things with my family on the weekends, which is the antithesis of why I'm doing rideshare. I'm working on an update.

In your case, it makes sense to work business hours and keep evenings and weekends for family. You are your own boss and can decide when and when not to drive. So, it's kind of cool like that. I remember getting picked up by an older man who told me he had just dropped off his granddaughter at school and needed some gas so he turned on Lyft so he could earn some money to use immediately following the completion of the ride. Very practical application.

That's one thing that I like about it, I can earn cash as needed without having to wait until payday.

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