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RE: Some questions don't have any answers, they stay questions forever.

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how are you dear friend @priyanarc good afternoon
It is normal to be full of ideas while you wander or you are lying in bed without doing anything, but when you want to write your thoughts, they disappear, I think you have to have a draft handy to write the spontaneous thoughts and then turn it into a phrase or a stanza.
Do not worry, the ideal person always arrives for each one, some arrive quickly and others take time to arrive, but believe me that ideal person arrives, I recommend that you read the legend of the red thread, there you will understand many things
have a beautiful night and a happy rest


I am going to search that book, I guess I need to watch more documentaries and should read books. It's been a long time since I left reading books, perhaps it's high time to start reading the books again...