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RE: How to teach baby drink through a straw [ENG]

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In order to confirm your authorship of the content, please mention the word "Hive" or add a hyperlink to Hive in your Instagram profile:

Чтобы подтвердить свое авторство контента, укажите слово «Hive» или добавьте гиперссылку на Hive в свой профиль Instagram. (Google Translate)


You can remove this mention from your website, once we confirm the authorship.

Thank you.

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why I need to confirming authorship, actually? 😤

Thank you for the verification.
Now it is confirmed that this Hive blog is not another case of stolen identity and plagiarism created to monetize someone else's content.

This is the verification log:

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What is the use of attribution to me?
and what would have happened if it had not been confirmed?

The account would have been blacklisted for identity theft and plagiarism.