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The new year replaced the old year again. And it's not at all scary that with every year we get older. I even want to open a new page of life, clean, not erased by any magical erasers and, I already know - I will write on the new page not with a pencil, but with my heart, so that it remains. Because every day I am more and more happy with my motherhood, watching how my two joys grow up. That joy is definitely more here, and the misery is getting less every day. More maturity, more patience, maybe it just seems so to me, but also more intelligence. More curiosity and creativity, less jealousy, anger, sadness and bad thoughts.

Something happened in the elevator at the clinic today. On the third floor, a mother with a disabled daughter, who was madly afraid of the closed space of the elevator, got on. The mother held the girl patiently, she cried, flinched, pushed her, and when the elevator opened, she ran towards the front door crying. Mom followed behind and apologized with a smile to all the people around. By the way, I also noticed her benevolent and sincere smile in the elevator.

Walking towards the car, I thought - are we really living right? Are we really giving our strength where it is needed? Do we know how to make the most of our time in life? I saw an example when a person cannot take care of herself. Maybe her mother will be responsible for the girl all her life. But she is still smiling and is so patient. Not throwing everything away because maybe she's sad, maybe it's hard, maybe she's running out of patience, maybe she wants to sleep, maybe she's talented and could be running more than one company right now.

When I got back, I put the laundry, made a healthy breakfast for the family, meditated (that's the only way I know how...), and a million beautiful thoughts went through my head.

11 o'clock in the morning. I could do more than I used to. I now believe in more things than I had ever believed. I believe in life - above all. To its beauty, to creation, to communication, to knowledge, to curiosity. I watch how we help each other grow. How we change. How beautifully we grow. We get rid of our past, prejudices, phobias, unreasonable arguments, anger, despair and simply learn to live more beautifully. Because most of us can. Even that girl in the elevator, who is basically a little limited by life, can do it. And then how much can we, healthy ones, change our lives?


With love @madeirane
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