Manifesting The Visions: My Goals For This Year, 2024

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“People often say I have so much energy, that I never stop; but that's what it takes to accomplish your goals.” — Curtis Jackson

Going back on the previous year which is 2023, it's like a roller coaster ride for me because it's filled with twists and turns, ups and downs. Throughout that year, I experienced moments of joy, such as winning awards, going to another year/grade level and discovering new passions. These victories were incredibly unremarkable and served as reminders of my hardworks and capabilities. However, aside from this moments, there were also some moments of suffering and struggles. Challenges arose which tests my resilience and resolve. There were times when I felt overwhelmed and sadly, that year ended up with a lot of pain that needs me to take a step forward to focus on my well-being and recovery.

Now, as I embark on the journey this 2024, I want to do it with a sense of courage and determination. This year presents a fresh opportunity to refocus my energy and set new goals for myself. I want to prioritize self-care, nurturing meaningful relationships, and pursuing my passions with a better me. While the scars of the past year may still haven't gone, I approach the future with a sense of hope and possibility. I am ready to face whatever challenges that will come in my way, built with the lessons learned from the past and beliefs in my ability to overcome obstacles!!


When it comes to setting goals, I am that kind of person that like to keep things short or medium-term. I don't like planning too far ahead because the future is uncertain and I trust in a higher power, believing that God will guide and direct my steps. But that doesn't mean I don't have many goals in my mind. I prefer to focus on a few at a time, taking small steps to reach them. I also have backup plans in case things don't go as expected.

Most of my goals for 2024 revolve around recovery, growth, and personal success. I'm not really into material things because I have an emphasis on meaningful achievements rather than material possessions. With that being said, let me share with you the goals I've set for myself in this year.


1. Successfully Graduate In Senior High School.

My main and golden goal this year is to successfully graduate from Senior High School. Right now, I'm in grade 12-second semester. In just a few months, I'll be completing this phase of my education and moving on to college. It's a busy time for me, as I'm involved in various activities, such as leading a research project, working on my solo capstone research, and serving as the SSLG President of our school. Additionally, I have two upcoming regional contests to prepare for. I'm putting my trust in God to guide me towards success in all these endeavors. I'm committed to giving my best effort to maintain good grades and fulfill the requirements for graduation. While it's bittersweet to think about saying goodbye to my classmates and friends, I know they'll always hold a special place in my heart.



Despite the busyness of my studies, I'll make sure to prioritize maintaining connections with them. Graduating from Senior High School is a significant milestone, and I'm determined to make the most of it while cherishing the memories and friendships I've made along the way.

2. Passing Scholarships And Entrance Exams For College.

My second goal for this year is to successfully pass scholarships and entrance exams for college. I've already applied for various scholarships, including the DOST scholarship for BS-Medical Technologist, CTU for BSEd-Mathematics, and CNU for BSBio with a major in zoology. I'm hopeful that I'll pass the exams for these scholarships.


Additionally, I'm eagerly awaiting responses
from other scholarship opportunities, such as those from Universities in Cebu and USJ-R (University of San Jose-Recoletos) and also the City of Naga's scholarship. It's been a bit of a journey because my choice of course has changed along the way. Some universities don't offer Medtech, so I've had to consider alternative options like my second or third choices. To increase my chances of success, I like to study in advance for these exams. Despite the uncertainty and changes in my course preferences, I remain determined to secure scholarships that will help me pursue my higher education goals.


3.Become The New Version Of Myself.

Reflecting on the challenges and pain I experienced in 2023, including going through break-up, failures and more, I'm determined to undergo a transformation with the help of God, both physically and mentally.



However, as I strive for this new personal evolution, I want to emphasize that I won't change my values, personality or core behavioral aspects. My parents have instilled this a strong foundation to me, and I intend to maintain those principles. Instead, the change I seek is in how I perceive things and adapt to this new phase of my life.
I aim to grow into a better, stronger version of myself while staying true to the values that define me.


4. Learn New Things.

I want to embrace the opportunity to learn new things. I believe that continuous learning is essential for personal growth and development. Whether it's acquiring new skills, exploring new interests, or gaining knowledge in different areas, I'm committed to expanding my horizons.
I'm excited to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone by delving into unfamiliar subjects or activities. This could involve anything from picking up a new hobby to learning a new skills or doing some sports activities since I'm not a sporty person.



By actively seeking out opportunities to learn and grow, I hope to enrich my life, broaden my perspective, and discover new passions along the way. I'm eager to embrace the journey of lifelong learning and see where it takes me in the year ahead.

5. Get Good At Being "Me".

How could I be the new version of myself if I don't know what's within me? Sometimes, the reason why we lose ourselves is that we don't know how to control ourselves and we always didn't look for it to grow. Do I actually know what makes me happy? Do I know what makes me sad and depressed? “Be Yourself” is a very difficult advice to follow. If you don't understand yourself, it's hard to be true to yourself. In a world where everyone has opinions about you, it's important to really know who you are. This means being aware of your own thoughts and feelings, so you can stay true to yourself despite what others say.


In this year, I aim to meditate to calm my mind and block out the noise around me. I also want to be mindful of why I do things, making sure my actions come from my true self, not from others' opinions.
I want to live authentically, staying true to who I am. This means focusing on activities that bring me joy and having the bravery to let go of things that don't. It's not always easy, as it might mean ending relationships or spending less time with certain people, but it's important for my well-being.

These top five goals—graduating from Senior High School, securing scholarships for college, becoming a new version of myself, learning new things, and living authentically—are just the beginning of my aspirations for the year ahead and still there's a lot of goals in my mind.

While there may be numerous goals swirling in your mind, like mine, it's essential to focus on a select few to prevent feeling overwhelmed. By honing in on these priorities, you can make meaningful progress and work towards achieving your dreams.


To those who are reading this, I offer a piece of advice: take the time to reflect on your own goals and aspirations. Identify what truly matters to you and prioritize those aspects of your life. Remember, it's okay to focus on a few key goals at a time, allowing yourself to dedicate your energy and attention to what truly matters 🤍!


you have interesting goals and vision for yourself, hoping you achieve what you started @haruki.tls123

goodluck for your upcoming entrance exam and college

Wishing you the best for all your goals!